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Impact Philanthropy

Being environmentally conscious we aim to develop towards a sustainable future as well as raise funds through the WISe.ART platform to finance sustainability projects to help the world get one step closer to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


WISeKEY’s patented technology empowers clients by protecting the digital ID as well as certifying ownership of their digital and tangible assets.

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By leveraging WISeKEY’s latest state of the art cyber security software our platform allows buyers and sellers to deal directly with each other, while their NFTs remain protected through the OISTE Foundation.


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Ariadna Canaan is an international artist based in the Caribbean. Her multidisciplinary work ranges from design, photography, paint, digital art and NFTs. Ariadna is national prize in its country of origin Dominican Republic, in the category, Installation. She lives in a constant exercise of reinvention, bringing together shapes, lines, movement and dexterity. She is part of the crypto community, to refresh and offer innovative ideas to the pre-established.

Diana in Roman mythology was the Goddess of the hunt and wild animals. She later took over from Luna as the Roman Goddess of the moon, responsible for fertility and childbirth. The Moon Goddess has many names and is celebrated in different cultures around the world where they play a central role in mythology. This project belongs to the series I am Luna II. There is a focus on the alter ego. and a fusion of art, science and technology. In addition a contemporary anthropology, a study of unusual behavior of group of humans and animals, either by artistic practices or changes in the habitat.


Prague in MetaGalactic Colors” is a vibrant NFT collection inspired by the beauty of Prague, the renowned ‘Golden City’ of the Czech Republic. The creators behind MetaGalacticNFT found deep inspiration during their biannual visits to Prague between 2017 and 2019. They were moved by the city’s intricate details and rich history, especially its mesmerizing beauty in the fall. As aficionados of both the cosmic universe and artistic expression, they have chosen to portray Prague through the lens of galactic aesthetics

These works aim to offer viewers a new way to appreciate this timeless city  an invitation to see the familiar transformed into the extraordinary.


Nazanine was a young schoolgirl when her family left Iran. She continued her education and pursued studies in biology in the USA, Canada, and France. Afterward, she delved into the field of research and teaching. The sudden passing of her father prompted her to return to Iran, embarking on a quest to find her family’s immigrant origins from Russia, who had fled the Stalinist regime She sought to unravel the untold story of her grandfather, who tragically perished in the Gulags, his photograph concealed within the depths of her family’s silence. For Nazanine, the camera became an extension of the laboratory microscope, capturing fleeting and ephemeral moments, preserving them from the brink of oblivion. With her photography, she sought to unearth fragments of life, emphasizing their inherent similarities and universal significance, ultimately illuminating the essence of humanity encapsulated in each captured instant.


“English artist Leila Fisher is renowned for her artistry that recontextualizes everyday life, highlighting its profound meanings. Her work spans various mediums, including painting, print, film, and photography, each serving as a unique lens to interpret the world.

Splitting her time between Belgium, the United Kingdom, and the South of France, Fisher’s diverse cultural experiences imbue her creations with rich and varied influences.

Her art is a dialogue on life’s subtleties, combining intimacy with universal relevance, and a testament to finding the extraordinary within the ordinary.


Benedict Hadley, a polymath, filmmaker, and artist, is the founder of Hadley Broadcasting Company. His work, showcased at platforms like the Cannes Film Festival and New York Fashion Week, explores the relationship between humans and their environments, using creative solutions and global storytelling to tackle societal issues.

His collaborations include influential figures like JAY Z, Francis Ford Coppola, and organizations like BET and PBS. A nominee for the Harvard Loeb Fellowship 2021, he recently spoke at the VON3 Summit, underlining the importance of redefining broadcasting through transformative storytelling and technology


Peruvian artist Jaime Miranda-Bambarén, born in 1982, is renowned for his diverse work, including sculpture, installation, photography, video, and performance, often exploring ecological and spiritual themes. He earned a BA from the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú and a graduate degree at Chelsea College of Arts in London.

His work has been shaped by Taoist aesthetic principles learned from sculptor Carmen Herrera Águila. He’s lived and studied in Indonesia and England, attending courses at the Ruskin School of Art, the University of Oxford, and an online course by filmmaker Werner Herzog. His public art spans from clandestine interventions in London to prominent installations in Lima, Madrid, and New York, including a notable monument to terrorism victims in Peru.

His “Semillas” (Seeds) installations have graced significant sites, such as Thomas Paine Park in NYC. His work is in the Museo de Arte de Lima, the Micromuseo, and private collections in Peru, England, and Spain. Miranda-Bambarén lives and works in Lima, Peru.


For CryptoVerse Island

Reka Nyari is a New York City-based artist whose diverse practice includes fine art photography, videography, installation, and performance art. Her work explores traditional beauty ideals and gender, offering a predominantly female perspective on sexuality. Nyari’s nude figures go beyond alluring portraits, incorporating narratives and personal histories into the imagery.

She fearlessly presents empowered bodies against luminous landscapes or staged backdrops, connecting nudity, gesture, gaze, and objects to feminine identity.

With influences ranging from Polanski and Lynch to Newton, Bourdin, Aldridge, and Sherman, her work has been exhibited in galleries across the United States and Europe. Notably, her NFT auction at Art Basel Miami 2021 raised $200,000 for charity, and she is represented by Superrare.