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Impact Philanthropy

Being environmentally conscious we aim to develop towards a sustainable future as well as raise funds through the WISe.ART platform to finance sustainability projects to help the world get one step closer to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


WISeKEY’s patented technology empowers clients by protecting the digital ID as well as certifying ownership of their digital and tangible assets.

Decentralized Marketplace

By leveraging WISeKEY’s latest state of the art cyber security software our platform allows buyers and sellers to deal directly with each other, while their NFTs remain protected through the OISTE Foundation.


…One of the priorities was, of course, Steve Wozniak whom we all respect for his many life-changing inventions especially the Apple Personal Computer at the time of the launch of the Apple Computer company with Steve Jobs.

What many people do not know is that Steve Wozniak has done a lot to help charity programs through his organization. For this reason, DREAM Team Project again through Indra Putra, tried to contact WOZ Organization to make this happen. Finally, we were able to coordinate with Ms. Heidi on this matter by explaining in detail the objectives of this Charity program. With her dedication and assistance, we prepared merchandise to be signed by Mr. Steve Wozniak for the Human Race Children Of Ukraine program.

Mr. Wozniak had signed 3 items of merchandise that we provided and he wrote down a sentence ‘Wozniak is a Ukrainian Name!’ All items are donated by the DREAM Team Project for sale exclusively on the WISe.ART NFT marketplace. The proceeds of the sale will go directly to the Red Cross International Committee or another ONG on behalf of the Human Race for Children of Ukraine fundraising program.

An exclusive limited edition of NFTs of each item will be sold, the merchandise remains the property of The DREAM Team Project. The items are not associated with or represented by the name and person of any individual who has signed the items….

Pedro Terrol

For CryptoVerse Island

The proceeds of each sale will support the Maiti Foundation to sponsor young Nepali ladies attending university. Metaverse is the new single of the Spanish band Excentrico Milu. Metaverse is a song that describes the wonders of life in the metaverse and invites us to know it in an attractive and funny way.


Frontiers? Unseen but believed by some. Humanity’s evolution has led us from scattered survival to structured unity since the emergence of Homo sapiens. We’ve grown from tribes and villages to cities, states, and global organizations like the League of Nations and the United Nations.

Today, we must forge a global political space centered on unleashing individual potential. This vision, “One Humanity World, ” grants each person new value. With AI and planetary communication, exponential progress beckons. Our goal is clear: AI must serve humanity, and global unity must triumph over divisions for a planetary constitution. States, once organizers of collective life, must inspire citizens to transcend limits and embrace our shared diversity as part of a unified whole: Humanity.

One Humanity” seeks a unified, empowering global space. Your participation is vital. We, the people, are the driving force. Share these ideals? Join “One Humanity World” and secure your Global Digital ID.


For CryptoVerse Island

Originally from France, Isabelle Wachsmuth settled in Switzerland and began to paint after the passing of her husband. Her works are inspired by her spiritual journey to transform deep sorrow into joy and heightened consciousness. Her creative process is at the core of life itself. For Isabelle, painting is about transcribing the perpetual flow of life, unity, and the interdependence of energies. This results in harmony, allowed by the symphony of radiating colors. A Californian friend, touched by her paintings, shared a quote from Sheng Yen to encapsulate the process of transmuting darkness: “Face it, accept it, deal with it, and then let go. “

To her, creation is a vibratory process that allows for the release of perceived limitations, offering a fresh perspective on life. It is a look beyond the material, examining how our perceptions constantly shape our reality. From this viewpoint, life becomes fascinating, gaining a deeper meaning that extends beyond the surface.

The question she poses is: Do our creations reflect our inner world? Could they carry vibrational messages, images of our internal universe?