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Being environmentally conscious we aim to develop towards a sustainable future as well as raise funds through the WISe.ART platform to finance sustainability projects to help the world get one step closer to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


WISeKEY’s patented technology empowers clients by protecting the digital ID as well as certifying ownership of their digital and tangible assets.

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By leveraging WISeKEY’s latest state of the art cyber security software our platform allows buyers and sellers to deal directly with each other, while their NFTs remain protected through the OISTE Foundation.


Step into a realm where imagination intertwines with the transformative powers of nature. “Mycelial Utopia” invites you on a captivating a visual fantastical world where mushrooms reign supreme, reshaping the very fabric of our existence. In this artwork, the future unfolds before your eyes, revealing a vibrant and dynamic Mushroom Kingdom.

Witness the awe-inspiring transformation as mushrooms seamlessly blend with the built environment, imbuing architectural wonders with an otherworldly charm. places emerge, adorned with intricate fungal patterns and organic structures that seem to pulse with life. “Mycelial Utopia” is a celebration of the imagination, inviting viewers to ponder the symbiotic relationship between mankind and the natural world.

It ignites a sense of wonder, urging us to envision a future where harmony and co-creation with nature flourish, guided by the resilient and transformative spirit of mushrooms.

Stephen Alder

“Stephen Alder is a selftaught artist who specializes in figure and portrait art. He also believes that art is better than a political statement.

Art should make you feel emotion, rather than push an agender. Sometimes art is nothing more than a beautiful view that only serves to be pleasant to the eyes, designed to make you feel peace and tranquility.”


For CryptoVerse Island

“Born in 1970 in Stockholm, Sweden, Anna Amgren has taken a unique path to explore her passion for art. Currently living as a digital nomad, her life experiences from around the world have given her a rich tapestry of influences to draw upon in her work. With a painting career spanning over three decades, Anna has dedicated herself to continuous artistic evolution and growth. She has recently discovered a novel approach that merges traditional painting with digital art, culminating in captivating, animated crypto art pieces.

This fresh direction represents her pursuit of harnessing technology to amplify her artistic expression. Lately, Anna has ventured into the realm of energy or spiritual paintings, which are reflective of her ongoing exploration of the intersection between art and spirituality.

These works aim to capture and convey the unseen, yet deeply felt, spiritual energies around us. Anna’s journey is a testament to her commitment to push the boundaries of her craft and her unwavering passion for bringing new, imaginative ideas to life through her art.


“GLORY BE: This series offers an avantgarde exploration into the relationship between art, poetry, and artificial intelligence.

Using the vivid language of Gerard Manley Hopkins’ ‘Pied Beauty’ as inspiration, it gives life to unique synthograms that capture major abstract art styles from masters like Klee, Chagall, Kandinsky, and more. Utilizing advanced algorithms, the series evolves each composition, transforming the poetic words into dynamic visual representations. Optimized for 4K HD/QFHD screens, these intricate synthograms add life to any modern or metaverse interior.

This unique digital art series, ‘Glory Be,’ is a testament to the boundless creative collaboration between humans and artificial intelligence.”


Luca Bonfanti, an Italian artist born in 1973, began his journey in the arts beyond the confines of academic settings. Guided by an innate desire to freely express his thoughts and feelings, Bonfanti honed his craft under prominent contemporary Milanese artists. His works explore diverse mediums, from photography and music to sculpture and painting, reflecting his multifaceted artistic persona. Bonfanti’s signature style is a fusion of esoteric, vibrantly layered, and symbolic colors. His abstract influences result in a gentle, dream like atmosphere where chromatics and shapes dance in poetic harmony.

The artist’s creations, often themed around life, death, creation, and transformation, invite the viewer into a profound introspection of the world and their inner selves. Bonfanti’s contribution to the art world extends beyond his individual pieces. From founding his advertising agency in 1998 to participating in numerous prestigious exhibitions and projects, his influence is well recognized.

His recent tribute to Botticelli, commissioned by the publishing house “Scripta Maneant,” reaffirms his unique artistic language, intertwining esoteric and abstract elements with profound symbolism. Today, Bonfanti’s portfolio boasts over sixty solo exhibitions and several national and international accolades.” make this text one paragraph shorter.


Tina Buchholtz’s journey began with a focus on figurative painting but evolved towards the exploration of color as a subject in itself, leading to the creation of landscape-inspired abstract art. This wasn’t a conscious choice, but rather a progression of artistic growth and maturity that gave way to abstraction.

The artist places great emphasis on developing a unique ‘signature’ style, experimenting with techniques such as the use of a spatula tool. Their body of work traverses various themes, from political developments to emotions and memories, re-flecting a blend of objectivity and personal subjectivity.

The artist values uniqueness and authenticity above all, and relishes the interaction between their work and its viewers. They believe that a painting can trigger an array of associations, link to music, invoke personal memories, and more, thus en-hancing the viewer’s experience.


International tattoo artist and professor in the tattoo arts. Also innovator and creator of a new unique art movement on canvas ! For the first time in history of art! The peace of the soul is my piece of art. Unique and irreproducible for the first time in history, being the father of a new art movement! Quantum vibes, proper denomination. The work was first reproduced on the skin, over 10 hours, with professional high quality ink. The second part of the process includes the fabric that I applied to the tattooed part of the skin with personal and unique methods developed by me: the fabric being 100% cotton and pure white, it was only touched at that stage without altering its its purity.

The final step involved removing the fabric after 12 hours, resulting in a unique artwork. The pure white fabric transformed into an unreproducible masterpiece through a process transferring the art from leather to fabric, reflecting my artistic vision. Solely utilizing ink and DNA, this transformation birthed an unparalleled work of art, forever distinguished by its DNA imprint.

Certification can be conducted in a scientific lab, affirming its authenticity and origin. This innovation, dubbed “Quantum Vibes,” allows both famous and ordinary individuals to immortalize a part of themselves (DNA) in art, leaving an eternal mark.


“STRIPEY CARDIAC – Cerulian Blue,” created digitally a decade after the original Stripey Cardiac piece, is a reinterpretation reflecting innocence, simplicity, and a bit of darkness, set against a Cerulian blue backdrop. It echoes the line from the Beatles song “Hey Jude” – “Take a sad song and make it better.”

“Love On The Beat” is a contemplative exploration of the enigmatic nature of love and human emotion. Embracing the duality of light and shadow, it delves into the heart’s unpredictability and the mind’s illusions. Inspired by the heart-beat, the quintessential symbol of love, the work emphasizes that love defies control and pulsates to its own rhythm.

The “CARDIAC NFT COLLECTION” delves into the theme of LOVE, evolving since 2008 from simple stencils to abstract representations, marked by a trademark heart shape. After a pause from 2017- 2022, the collection was revived as NFTs for the Metaverse, symbolizing the transition of LOVE from the real to the digital world.


Jean-Luc Farquet is a Swiss artist born July 3, 1961, he lives and works in Geneva. Since 2012, he has created a double-sided painted envelope every day with recycled materials. Since 2004, he has focused on mail art. This new activity enables him to create one or two images a day on all kinds of paper supports, which he transforms into envelopes.

The materials he uses are light and easy to transport (paper blocks, felt pens, glue, paper cutters, etc.), allowing him to produce mail art anywhere, anytime. Post’Art without a suit has enabled him to remain creative even without exhibiting for over 10 years.

The materials he uses are light and easy to transport (paper blocks, felt penSince 2012, he delivers his art directly to homes for stamps, posting in street boxes. Viewing his postal works as a roaming exhibition, he found alignment with Humanit’Art envelopes. His shift to postal art, like art brut, may lead to a stamp by the Swiss Post Office


Leo Ferrioli has 60 years of activity. Born in Verona, a self-made artist who knows how to combine instinct and intellect. He has participated in many Cultural Art events around the world. In the 60s he showcased his first paintings in Italy – Verona, Venezia, Milano, Salerno, Assisi, Varrese, San Remo, Roma, Bologna, Padova, Mantova, Brescia, Palermo, Cremona, Piacenza, Montecatini, Torino and many more cities. In 1967/68 he exhibited in Paris and then he started his European tour in Berlin, Barcelona, Madrid and Provence.

He then showcased in New York at the Javits Centre and at the Architectural Digest in 2003 and for one year he was the permanent artist at the Gallery Venice to Paris in New York. He also participated in various other events in the United States. Always mindful of the environment and the effect of pollution, he started using recycled materials especially used materials, commonly used or waste. In 2006he was awarded the Environment Award, and Lifetime Achievement Award in 2008. Also designer and creator of jewelry, costume jewelry, knitwear, scarves, clothing, leather goods, and fashion accessories.

Designs and draws, furniture, armchairs, tables, glass sculptures, decorative panels, and lamps. Countless critics have written and reviewed him, such as Paolo Levi, Ugo Brusaporco, Monica Faggiotto, Ernesto D’Orsi, Alberto Migliorero, Giancarlo Alu Sandro Serradifalco, Adalberto Scemma,R Vergani, Sandra Mirto, Jacopo Lauri, and many others.


David Fludd has a BA in Art from Morehouse College and an MFA in Painting and Printmaking from the Yale School of Art.

He has studied printmaking and animation at New York University and has been a fellow at the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture.

He was an Artist-in-Residence at the Studio Museum in Harlem and a Fellow at the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown, MA. David Fludd has won awards such as a John S. Guggenheim Memorial Fellowship in painting as well as the Rome Prize in painting. He was an Artist-in-Residence at Knox College in the Spring of 2021.


“Jeanjerome is an artist rooted in urban culture and hip hop, whose work radiates vitality far beyond the canvas. Trained in street art and Art Nouveau, he combines bold colors, dynamic geometry, and intricate halftones, drawing inspiration from graffiti, tagging, and sculpture.

His formative experiences at Ecole d’Art d’Etampes and the influence of men-tors Patricia and Philippe Legendre-Kvater play a significant role in his artistic journey.

He treats each canvas with a jeweler’s precision, meticulously balancing composition, color, and lines. Through live perform-ances, he brings his art closer to his audience, echoing the Art Nouveau concept of integrating art into daily life with his unique urban aesthetic.”


First known for his poetry, he won the prize for the best poetic esteem awarded by the Society of Authors and Poets of France. He published his first book at age 17 in Brussels.
While pursuing a career in administration, he has exhibited in many groups Little by little, he was only devoted to writing and painting, with a few creative journeys in sculpture.
After studying at the local fine arts in his youth, he followed the teachings of masters like Arthur Van-Ecke or Jean Roulland.

Over the past few years, Regis Looten exhibited solo at the Saint Michel Gallery in Bordeaux, the Paris Tournelle Gallery, and the I-Galerie in Montmartre. His works can be found in numerous collections around the world.
As discreet as he seems to be, Regis Looten has already shown him 6 times in Athens, a city whose sharp and unforgiving vision he likes to challenge.

This lover of Greece shows maturity in an expressionist work that flirts with a form of abstraction crossed by a color energy which is the true signature of his career. Now, the artist is living a new love with the city of Venice that inspires him and leaves him longing for more…


I have always had the need to connect with people, (humans) but I have to admit that I am not very good at it. I am like a freshwater fish in a salty sea. That’s why my few friends usually call me “abstract” (I love this way to define me). People matter, you and your people matter to me. I care about your happiness and everything you need.

I like to think I contribute to your happiness and the ones you love by creating some paintings and drawings that can take you to my perfect world, where you can rest and attain the utmost fullness. My hideaway, my art. I can’t remember when I first started drawing and coloring, I just remember doing it. What I recall is that when I drew, when I painted, the world became silent. The noise disappeared. There was only me and my world. When I was painting the world was quiet, and it still hasn’t changed today.

Peace, relaxation, tranquillity, love, beauty, silence, an oasis created for you, that is the essence of my works. You dare?


“Born in 1952 into a family of different religions and cultures who survived tragedy and conflict, gave her a rich life experience from which to draw when evolving as a practising artist. Deenagh’s art reveals an understanding of how images affect our emotions, state of mind and mood.

A major component of this is how she incorporates art of the past into her own. At 6 she wanted to be an artist, but did not go to art school, instead studied history of art, graphic design and illustration, and at 30 in 1982 she became one, in an outpouring of work characterised by different subjects and styles.”


THE ARTIST OF BANKNOTES Antonio Natale is an Internationally recognized Italian artist born in 1965. He is the only artist to use original out-of-circulation banknotes in an exclusive manner as his support since 1997. He is also known as “The Artist of Banknotes” throughout the international art community.

Influenced by the Northern Expressionist movement, Antonio develops his own style which has been described as “Mediterranean Pop Art” by the Italian art critic, Guido Pensato, “different than the American pop art movement of the 1950s” . Recipient of many International awards and prizes, Antonio is also featured in four museums, two of which are in the Middle East and is exhibited across the globe. His collectors include important personalities of the limelight, in politics, banking, and show business.

In 2022 Antonio starts collaborating with Wise. art expanding his research into the NFT world. He wins the Gold Award in the Art category of the Wise.art Excellence NFT Awards in Davos, during the World Economic Forum in January 2023. His NFTs are featured 3 times on the NASDAQ Tower in NYC since then. Today, Antonio Natale lives and works in Italy and Switzerland.


In the world of digital art, my creations, driven by a deep passion for life and textures reminiscent of the human body, represent the natural evolution of my creative journey. I explore diverse textures and materials, such as clay, ropes, and threads, reminiscent of intricate vascular and skin textures. Currently, I predominantly use amate and Japanese paper for their unique bark-derived textures. Each of my digital artworks is a unique creation that encapsulates this passion, bringing together medical science, texture exploration, and digital innovation. They offer a fresh perspective on the beauty of life, textures, and digital art, making them invaluable additions to any digital art collection.


Davide Pizzigoni is an architect, artist and stage designer as well as an author of numerous books on opera published in USA, France and Italy.

Between 1991 and 2007 he worked as a designer for Bulgari, Rosenthal, and Bruno Magli. As a set and costume designer he has contributed to opera productions in some of the most prestigious opera houses in Vienna, Zurich and Tokyo.

His works have been exposed worldwide and are to be found in private collections in USA, Argentina, Japan, France, Austria, Italy and Germany


for the Basel Art Center

Priska Medam brings life to your home with her vivid artworks “Happiness, ” “Flower Season, ” and “Dream Life. ” “Happiness” radiates joy and vitality with its distinct textures and colors, a perfect addition to any space.

“Dream Life” enchants with its magical play of colors, offering relaxation and inspiration. Each piece, created using Medam’s unique glass painting technique and exclusive materials, captivates the viewer with its unique charm and depth, and serves as a warm, inspiring focal point in any home.

“Flower Season” mesmerizes with a composition of radiant flowers, a color spectrum from red to light blue, creating a sense of lightness and dynamism


“There is nothing more precious than the love between an animal and a person. This painting captures this timeless bond, depicting the genuine connection that exists between humans and their furry companions.

The artwork beautifully illustrates the various ways we express our affection, whether it’s through gentle strokes, playful interactions, or simply sharing quiet moments together.

The artist skillfully conveys the depth of emotion in the eyes of both the person and the animals, highlighting the mutual understanding and companionship they share. It serves as a heartwarming reminder of the unconditional love that animals bring into our lives


Charlotte Qin, a Chinese-Canadian artist and scientist based in Geneva, beautifully
merges her cultural heritage and scientific knowledge in her artwork.

Qin’s pieces are a harmonious blend of science, nature, and mysticism, which can be seen across a range of mediums, including painting, per-formance art, and scientific visualiza-tion.

As a myth-maker, she adds another layer to her work, providing a rich depth of storytelling that further highlights her unique cross-cultural and interdiscipli-nary approach.

Her artwork, thus, becomes a remarkable fusion of East and West, tradition and modernity, and art and science.


for the Basel Art Center

“Ulrike Seyboth’s collages are a vivid demonstration of the dynamic interplay between recurring fragments and islands of color, continually giving birth to a fresh and captivating overall composition. Each piece is an open invitation into a universe of infinite diversity and beauty, deeply rooted in her unique artistic cosmos, characterized by a rich array of painting and graphic elements.

Seyboth’s work joyfully marries infinite variations with elements of chance, creating a playful dance of possibilities on paper. The intersection of design and serendipity is a crucial ingredient in her artistic approach, further enhancing the unpredictability and charm of her collages.

Her work seeks to inspire observers to explore the vast expanses of imagination, offering an everevolving visual journey shaped by both intentionality and happenstance.


Mayte Spínola, born in Madrid in 1943, is a renowned artist who trained in Madrid, Paris, and London. She initially explored figurative art but later embraced material informel, action painting, and abstraction. Throughout her career, she has worked on various artistic series such as Space, Cosmos, Leaves, Torn, Bullfighting, Grids, Sands, Seagulls, and more.

Since 1971, she has held numerous solo and group exhibitions in Spain and internationally, including notable venues like Casa de Vacas del Parque de Retiro in Madrid. Mayte Spínola is also the patron and founder of Grupo por Arte y Cultura, which has established museums and contemporary art collections worldwide. Her works can be found in public institutions, palaces, and foundations across the globe.


“Born in Geneva on November 30, 2002, Adrien Sabbah developed a passion for art from a young age. Influenced by masters like Picasso, Chagall, Matisse, Erni, and Rouault, he held his first exhibition in July 2023 after finishing college.

Through his art, Adrien seeks to rekindle the child’s soul, aiming to rediscover a lost paradise. The Popup, with its playful nature, becomes a colorful and joyous medium, ideal for a charity event dedicated to children. It invites viewers to explore a world that stands before them. “


The artist, Martin Summers, has made significant contributions to the art world throughout his career. Starting in 1961, he entered the art business by joining Arthur Tooth and Sons. His passion and expertise led him to become the Managing Director and a partner at Alex Reid and Lefevre Ltd. in 1967, a role he held until the gallery’s closure in 2001. Undeterred, Summers then founded his own company, Martin Summers Fine Art Ltd., and from 2003 to 2008, he enjoyed a fruitful collaboration with Jan Krugier from Geneva.

Summers’ artistic journey began long before his ventures in the art business. In 1958, while attending the Ruskin Art School, he formed a close friendship with R.B. Kitaj, an influential figure in his life. Although Summers had been sketching for as long as he can remember, he has since dedicated himself to being a full-time painter, immersing himself in the world of canvas and colors. Throughout his career, Summers has held numerous successful exhibitions both internationally and in London. Notably, the Sladmore Gallery in London has hosted two of his exhibitions, showcasing his talent and captivating artistic vision to the public.

Martin Summers’ artistic endeavors continue to leave a lasting impact on the art world. With a wealth of experience and a lifelong dedication to his craft, he has firmly established himself as a prominent and respected artist.


My work is rooted in the active observation of nature, serving as a form of sensitive reflection and a way to engage with daily life. Painting, for me, is not just a practice but a way of life, delving into internal and external worlds. I approach my work with a sincere, socially engaged perspective, focusing on pressing environmental issues and taking stances on important social, cultural, and political matters.

I base my artistic process on three fundamental ideas: science, art, and revelation. These methods create a balanced approach to knowledge construction. Jorge Wagensberg, a physicist, emphasized the uniqueness of science and art in understanding and sensing, respectively.

He noted that while knowledge is a transmissible and finite product, art distorts reality to expand experience, creating a finite piece of reality that congeals a thought.