WISeKey (NASDAQ: WKEY; SIX Swiss Exchange: WIHN) is a leading global cybersecurity company currently deploying large scale digital identity ecosystems for people and objects using Blockchain, AI and IoT respecting the Human as the Fulcrum of the Internet.

Decentralized Marketplace

By leveraging Wisekey’s latest state of the art cyber security software our platform allows buyers and sellers to deal directly with each other, while their NFTs remain protected through the OISTE foundation.

1. WISe.ART as a Marketplace:

Nature: WISe.ART is a comprehensive marketplace designed to connect everyone involved in the arts industry.

Unique Features: It offers white-labeling options and specially designed NFTs. The NFTs not only represent the digital asset but also link it irreversibly to a physical object. This provides proof of:



Use and monetization strategies via smart contracts.

2. Security and Identity Management:

Security: The platform is fortified by WISeKey’s security technologies. This ensures the secure authentication of digital assets in a safe end-to-end process.

Identity Management: The platform also offers “WISeID,” which acts as a trusted identity service. It allows users to securely access web and mobile applications through robust authentication processes.

Trading and Anonymity: WISe.ART lets users mint and trade NFTs within the WISeKey ecosystem. It ensures participants’ anonymity but also makes sure to carry out KYC procedures to uphold the marketplace’s integrity.

3. Hedera's Role:

Functionality: Hedera is an advanced public ledger tailored for the decentralized economy. It employs the aBFT Hashgraph consensus algorithm.

Benefits: This tech optimizes Ethereum’s Virtual Machine (EVM) smart contracts and provides efficient native tokenization and consensus services. Consequently, it facilitates the development of real-time web3 applications and systems.

4. Integration of DLT Technology:

Mainstreaming DLT: WISe.ART is pushing the boundaries to bring Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) into the mainstream.

NFT Creation: With WISe.ART’s platform, NFTs are created securely, ensuring the authentication of both digital and physical assets safely and compliantly.

5. The Next Phase - Tokenizing WISe.ART Shares:

Tokenization: WISe.ART aims to tokenize its shares, transforming them into ledger-based securities.

Advantages of Tokenized Shares:

Digital Transfer: Tokenization allows the digital transfer of underlying assets, simplifying processes like buying, selling, and trading by eliminating intermediaries and reducing paperwork.

Fractional Ownership: One tokenized share can be divided among several owners, increasing accessibility.

Benefits for Stakeholders:

Investors gain improved liquidity as tokens can be effortlessly traded.

Issuers can attract a broader and more global investor base, potentially increasing the capital they amass.

Intermediary platforms stand to benefit from heightened trading activity.

Overall, WISe.ART is making significant strides in integrating cutting-edge blockchain and NFT technologies, transforming not only the arts industry but also the conventional methods of trading and holding securities