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Impact Philanthropy

Being environmentally conscious we aim to develop towards a sustainable future as well as raise funds through the WISe.ART platform to finance sustainability projects to help the world get one step closer to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


WISeKEY’s patented technology empowers clients by protecting the digital ID as well as certifying ownership of their digital and tangible assets.

Decentralized Marketplace

By leveraging WISeKEY’s latest state of the art cyber security software our platform allows buyers and sellers to deal directly with each other, while their NFTs remain protected through the OISTE Foundation.


A forward-thinking, future seeing artist. With a keen eye and ear to the now and streets of popular culture. Interested in hip-hop and social media artists. Aside from being influenced by hip-hop and reggae artists, growing up in a musical and artistic home helped open HI’s mind to the arts.

Surrounded by a trombonist father and a mother who was a dancer in her youth. Art and music have always been a part of life. Before painting, the artist does not only prepare and get his mental state ready to create but also prepares his artistic medium.

NFT digital painting. Based on forgotten or unknown works of art and transcribed onto graphics tablets and PCs. These are “unique” , high quality NFT works, created using professional software and applications.

The software we use is in others: -ARTAGE: digital painting software -INSKAPE: graphics tool -COREL -PAINTER: digital art software -Adobe Photoshop CC -Adobe Illustrator CC -Cinéma4Dstudio. *Scripts Python 3 Mekkablue Scripts GIF/GLYPHS Distorsion-Block Scripts Modified Scripts / D4CG

Digital art board NFT “Picasso Concept Regeneration” collection


Julie Birenbaum, a Swiss artist, delves into the enigmatic allure of light through her photography, skillfully navigating the delicate equilibrium between the physical and the metaphysical realms. Her work captures not only the visual aspects of light but also seeks to evoke the unseen emotions and intangible sensations that it can provoke.

Birenbaum’s artistic journey unfolds as a captivating exploration of the interplay between shadow and illumination, inviting viewers to contemplate the profound and ethereal dimensions of the world she unveils through her lens. Her photographic compositions serve as windows into contemplative moments, where the play of light becomes a narrative thread connecting the tangible and the transcendent in a harmonious dance of perception and imagination.


At first glance, our world appears to be immersed in intense political divisions and conflicts. Yet, I perceive these disputes as representations of spiritual battles, embodying the eternal struggle between good and evil. Delving deeper, I recognize the flaw in the notion of duality, understanding that everything ultimately emanates from the divine source, embodying true unity. However, grasping this concept presents a challenge. We are intricately connected—a singular organism, consciousness, energy, and frequency—reflecting the essence of God’s oneness. Yet, what does this interconnectedness truly entail? As we confront the approaching election cycle, advancements in technology, the rise of artificial intelligence, and the dominance of mega-corporations, my artwork transcends mere distortion of corporate logos into aesthetic beauty.
These pieces serve a greater purpose: they aim to renew faith in humanity, highlighting the divine working through us. I advocate for conscious capitalism and hold steadfast to the notion of the American Dream—a dream that resonates deeply with artists. It represents the journey from nothingness to creation, from abstract ideas or emotions to tangible reality.


Cristobal Del Puey, a selftaught artist of Spanish origin, unveils his monumental paintings at the Temple de la Madeleine in Geneva on July 11th, 2023. Working in an old barn turned studio, Del Puey’s unique world of extravagant characters, chromatic density, and dynamic canvases reflects his transformative journey into painting that began at the age of 35, revealing a profound connection with the observation of humanity since childhood. First work of art that brought me a profound satisfaction is ‘Le Couple’ (2018, mixed media, 2 x 3 m.), a mirror play that explores the haunting nature of mirrors, not merely reflecting our image but compelling us to confront.

Sometimes uncomfortably acknowledge a certain reality we unconsciously try to ignore or escape. n the process of painting, I find harmony in the initial connection with my support, entering a state of osmosis, only to willingly relinquish control and become a spectator, embracing the surprise of the final result. Influenced by artists such as Goya, Francis Bacon, Lucian Freud, and Velasquez, as well as drawing inspiration from songs and literature, my work, exemplified in the large painting “Entre amis” (mixed media, 180 x 200 cm, 2021), reflects a solitude that is essential for selfreflection and a continuous process of self-questioning, where imagined presences guide, criticize, and encourage me in the solitary journey of artistic creation.


M.Audry D4CG creator of NFT art in digital painting on graphics tablet and PC. Creator of pixelated NFT.

NFT digital painting. Based on forgotten or unknown works of art and transcribed onto graphics tablets and PCs. These are “unique” , high quality NFT works, created using professional software and applications.

The software we use is in others: -ARTAGE: digital painting software -INSKAPE: graphics tool -COREL -PAINTER: digital art software -Adobe Photoshop CC -Adobe Illustrator CC -Cinéma4Dstudio. *Scripts Python 3 Mekkablue Scripts GIF/GLYPHS Distorsion-Block Scripts Modified Scripts / D4CG

Digital art board NFT “Picasso Concept Regeneration” collection

In this enigmatic depiction, the bride offers her beauty to a devastated world as a cure to human madness. This NFT series explores the interplay of colors, images, sounds, and emotions in a dreamlike world.


These artworks, donated by Isagus Extroversion to the OISTE foundation, support a UNICEF project for Ukrainian children. The piece, titled ‘The Chernobyl Bride, ‘ originates from a video-art installation featuring a wedding dress made of real gas masks from the Chornobyl disaster.


Evan Kareem, a graduate of Computer Science from the University of Sheffield Hallam in the United Kingdom, is intrigued by the interplay between technology and art. He is continually absorbed in the ways tech tools can transform and deepen his artistic process. In his eyes, art is a powerful medium for capturing and communicating beauty, and it offers a platform for examining the intricate dynamics of nature, color, movement, pattern, and sound.

In his artistic journey, Kareem takes an experimental approach, often pushing boundaries and challenging norms. This freedom to experiment, combined with his technological background, allows him to forge unique artistic paths. His pieces often carry a surrealist quality, bringing an other-worldly dimension to his explorations of beauty and nature.

To Kareem, art serves as both a reflection of the external world and an internal emotional landscape. He sees his creations as windows into his perceptions and experiences, as well as interpretative mirrors for his audience. His work seeks to evoke thought, provoke discussion, and inspire his viewers to see the world in fresh, novel ways.


Ezkandar was born on November 14, 1951, in Tehran/Iran. His mother was Swiss and liked to create beautiful stories full of adventure. His father, of Azeri origin, was an Iranian architect who loved beautiful women, fashion, sports cars, hunting and fishing. He worked for 18 years in the Swiss and European feature film industry as a set designer, assisting Swiss, French and American producers.

He also worked on the creation of advertising films, mainly in Switzerland. Marketing and advertising being his passion, he pursued his career in this field as a consultant for more than 20 years with various classical and digital agencies. Today, Ezkandar divides his life between Switzerland and a Greek Island, between growing olives and assembling pixels of a multitude of colors…

Here is his state of mind: Life is beautiful! Take each person as they are, love the people you can love, and ignore the rest. Share. Fear nature and love it. Think, be curious and loving, imaginative.


Viktoria Kova is a video artist and the initiator of the LAND of the GOOD project in Amsterdam. Since 2015 Kova is researching the impact of videos, colors, sound, vibrations, and experiences with the purpose of instant positive impact on the viewer to awaken one’s intuition.

Using this knowledge she creates vibrationally interactive videos which have a relaxing, meditative impact on the viewer, beneficial for health. This makes LAND of GOOD Studio a pioneer of intuitive onto logical art.


Born in 2013, Little Alyâa is an avatar conceived as an outlet to satirize life’s complexities. Featuring daily on Facebook and Instagram in English and French for 8 years, she has cultivated a worldwide fanbase and collectors in cities such as Dubai, London, Miami, and more.

The blend of humor and poetry gives her universal appeal. Alyâa has morphed into a performer, appearing as ephemeral posters in Venice, a massive fabric doll in Lisbon, and even graced the pages of ELLE Magazine’s Swiss supplement.

Since 2022, she’s part of a charitable initiative in Geneva, assisting the homeless and refugees. Now, she ventures into NFT technology.


Arnaud Laly is a French artist & designer born in 1991 in Ploërmel, a small town in Brittany (France). He studied Applied Arts in Rennes, specializing in graphic design. He finished his studies by studying architecture and product design in order to have a 360° vision. The young man naturally moved to Paris and became an Artistic Director of a large global design agency.

After several years working in this agency where architecture and graphic design are mixed, Arnaud launched in 2019 as a solo artist to focus 100% on his artistic project. Using the rigor of design, he builds his creations via a triptych: line – geometry – flat colors.

He likes to represent faces, staring games, or abstract compositions. Architecture being part of his influences, Arnaud aspires to the construction of architectural forms within his visuals. Doors, vaults, or even stairs appear.


Dlela Lombard is a German native and a photo and digital artist who works across many mediums. She works with acrylic, ink and color pens, GAN, Photoshop, collage, and photography among other materials. She is approaching the new medium with a scientific mind. Lombard’s digital transformation process is unique while taking formless further into new forms and exploring divinity within her work.

This way skill as creativity still exists amidst the rise of AI. She can make the invisible visible which has its roots in black&white photographic development and awakening upon individuation. Moreover, Lombard explores themes of various states of consciousness and is influenced by surrealism she began training the GAN on surrealist automatism blending chance operation with painting styles and aesthetics of masters into the piece. While creating often on a laptop while traveling she could transcend life circumstances and various obstacles.

She exhibited with the Henry Boxer Gallery in London under the global popular culture of Outsider Art and also created some book cover art focusing mainly on the collective unconscious, and crime related themes. There is a thin line between the divine and crime and knowing it helps to see the world in a better light.


Based in Spain, born in Russia. Since 2021 I have been gaining notoriety as a visual movement artist in advertising industry on social networks. Visual designer. My work consists of digital abstractions, motion graphics and experimental animation. My art can be classified as surrealist art. I am inspired by the strength and resilience of women, as well as the feelings and emotions that make up the female experience. I use digital art to explore the beauty and vulnerability of the female figure, from sadness and melancholy to joy and happiness. My artwork is an exploration of femininity and the complexity of the female experience. At the core of my artistic practice is contemporary art, which is born in the age of metamodernism. The woman herself is my great inspiration. She is the sufferer of history and yet she embodies the most beautiful physical features. Woman is fragility and strength at the same time, and it is easy to explore the world of emotions with her. We have the power to grow and fly, we have light. After suffering from breast cancer, these works of art were born out of my feelings of being a woman. Magical world of women.


For CryptoVerse Island

Pioneering on NFT, her work has been exhibited and auctioned all over the world, including the NASDAQ NFT.NYC 2020-23, CAFA CHINA, NFT.NYC TIMES SQUARE 2022, nifties nft.nyc 2020-23, CAFA CHINA, NFT.NYC TIMES SQUARE 2022, Crytoart Island VIP in Gibraltar, Alcalá Subastas Madrid, Templum Fine Art Subastas (Barcelona), Fauve Fine Art (Paris), Duran Subastas (Madrid), KHON FUTURE (Bangok UNESCO), International Festival at Saba Gallery (Teheran/Iran), Graffity Queens (Descentraland), Cryptovoxels and Descentraland VR Gallery, as well as a screening at the Denver Clock Tower.

Finalist in the Visual Artist Award Miami 2018 for Best Technical Innovation, her work was also Award-winning for inclusion in the International Filmmaker Biennale Women in Cinema (Berlin) and she was interviewed about the participation of women in Multimedia Art. Award. Winning finalist in 2022, in a contest for posters of the prestigious Cava Codorníu brand. She was named by BelnCrypto on International Women’s Day 2021 as one of the three most influential Hispanic women in the cryptocurrency industry who are using NFT technology and ranks amongst the top sales in the rank list of NFT by CryptoArt.io.

Currently, she is the NFT artist for the upcoming Hollywood movie “FRESH KILLS” , directed by the famous actress Jennifer Esposito.


Yoso (Ambrosio López) is a multidisciplinary artist, focusing on digital creation after developing his skills in architecture, design and sculpture. He conceives art as an instrument of analysis of the human being, an attempt to approach the concept of identity and the uniqueness of the individual from new perspectives. His works are often inspired by dreams and fleeting visions, giving them an enigmatic and sometimes surreal, thought provoking character. Images really appears in his dreams as part of a story, or they cross the brain at great speed, isolated, almost impossible to grasp, sometimes during a walk thinking of nothing at all…. The raw material used consists primarily of the artist own origination including drawings and photographs later digitaly molded. His obsession for detail leads in high resolutions, allowing high quality and large format to be combined.


for CryptoVerse Island

As a self-taught digital illustrator, I immerse myself in the exciting process of transforming classic works of art by infusing them with elements and characters from pop culture. My creative journey is rooted in my keen desire to express my perspectives on society through art, using it as a medium to reflect, critique, and convey my hopes and aspirations.

vEach piece I create seeks to communicate a message  a reflection on the currents of contemporary society, a critique of its idiosyncrasies, or a depiction of my personal desires. While the content is deeply considered, I never lose sight of the importance of form and aesthetics. My works are marked by meticulous attention to detail and a visually appealing and vibrant color palette that invites the viewer in. As an artist, I believe that the fusion of classical and pop culture elements in my work creates a unique dialogue, bridging the gap between the past and present, the revered and the everyday.

It is through this unique artistic approach that I endeavor to offer fresh perspectives and stimulate thoughtful conversation.


Silvia Longhi, known professionally as Finfury, is an accomplished cartoonist, illustrator, and caricaturist. The Finfury project came to life on social media, offering a platform for viewers to connect with Silvia’s humor-infused cartoons, bringing laughter and lightness to their days. Silvia’s academic background is rooted in fashion, having studied at the Academy of Fashion and Costume in Rome.

Her passion for drawing is more than just a hobby  it’s an expressive outlet, a form of self-discovery and communication.

This interplay between fashion, humor, and art is evident in her work, as she continually explores new dimensions of her talent and shares it with the world through the persona of Finfury.


As a kid, I was always fascinated by art and at the time thought of it as something very far and unreachable. I was puzzled by how artists captured people, nature, and objects and turned them into masterpieces. I wished I could do the same but had no idea how to get there. At the age of 16, my dad gave me a set of oil paints and there was no going back. I started to explore and study the fascinating world of art. In 2002 after moving to New York I started doing commission mosaic portraits but in my heart, I wanted to evolve as a painter.

Step by step, by learning and practicing, I got my first solo show at the Gallery in Hamptons. I started exploring new mediums and testing different techniques such as graphic design, painting, photography, and airbrush. I have found myself especially fascinated and inspired by the beauty and variety of female bodies.

After more than 30 shows in the past 10 years, I still feel that every new painting is better than the last. I am eager to keep learning, experimenting, and pushing the limits to see how far I can take my passion.


Michael C. Nwogugu is an author, entrepreneur and consultant, who has held senior management and Board-of-Director positions in companies in both the US and Nigeria. Mr. Nwogugu’s articles have been published in Applied Mathematics & Computation; Journal of Risk Finance; International Journal of Mathematics, Game Theory & Algebra;

Discrete Mathematics, Al gorithms & Applications; Corporate Ownership & Control; and Chaos & Complexity Letters. Mr. Nwogugu earned degrees from the University of Nigeria (Nigeria), the City University of New York (USA), and Columbia University (New York City, USA). ” Network: Ethereum Description Limited-edition photography NFT

“The NFT can have intrinsic value as: i) abstract art; ii) photography; iii) a limited edition collectible; and iv) an NFT (on chain, and with accurate provenance). Digital art only, and doesn’t represent rights to the underlying photograph or the associated Trading-Cards” .


Pedro José Sandoval, a Venezuelan artist, excels in the creation of abstract neo-expressionist art. His work is characterized by the vibrant interplay of color, movement, and texture, resulting in expressive and captivating compositions. A valued contributor to the art world, Sandoval’s pieces have found a permanent home in the Boca Raton Museum of Art. Balancing life and work between Madrid, Berlin, and New York City, Sandoval harnesses the unique artistic influences of each city to fuel his creativity. His art beautifully reflects this global perspective, presenting a rich variety of themes and techniques.

Sandoval’s portfolio extends beyond individual pieces to include collaborations and installations around the world, a testament to his versatility and passion. With his distinctive aesthetic and unwavering dedication, Sandoval continues to leave his mark on the global art landscape. His unique contribution to neo-expressionist art encapsulates a broad range of human emotions and experiences, offering a dynamic, visual narrative that continues to captivate audiences.


Max Mitenkov is a self-taught illustrator and artist based in Minsk, with a background in advertising design from Minsk University. Since beginning his freelance career in 2005, his work has been featured in various advertisements, publications, and book covers, including those of HarperCollins Publishing House.

Max has participated in numerous exhibitions, most notably the European NFT CryptoArt Island art fair, and in 2012, he received the Special Jury Award at the 6th SICAF’12 International Digital Cartoon Contest in Seoul, Korea. His art pieces often depict a surreal, post-apocalyptic world with a recurring gray color palette, focusing heavily on the mood and atmospheric qualities of his works, often exuding a sense of vanitas.


Amanda Lynn Veasey, a dedicated mother and artist, has been engaging with art for over two decades. The real pivot in her artistic journey came six years ago when she started to use art as a healing tool against the physical and mental toll of Grave’s disease and Lyme disease.

Her creations are vibrant and detailed, often embodying her love for texture and colour. Her belief lies not in the completion of a piece, but in its process and evolution. This approach translates into her appreciation for progression & iteration art.

She dreams big – she aspires to make the world a better place through her art and particularly, through the potential of NFTs, seeking to challenge greed and spread joy. Veasey is indeed a true testament to the transformative power of art.


Harriet A Elisabeth Nilsson is an artist who ceaselessly seeks new expressive avenues in her art, each piece laden with a deep, underlying message.

The viewer’s interpretation remains unique, fostering an individual connection with the art. Her piece ‘Deception’ springs from a commentary on how societal constraints have left people disconnected from their intrinsic soul-body unity.

As Earth transitions into the Age of Aquarius, Nilsson’s work reflects a synchronization with our inherent rights to health, joy, and prosperity. She heralds the advent of the ‘Golden Era’ , an era of unity and abundance.


My artwork, “Breakthrough: Battle on the Outskirts, ” expresses my anti-war sentiments by portraying the potential horrors of modern combat’s deadly technologies. It depicts an imminent urban conflict set in the near future. Urban warfare, among the cruelest forms of engagement, leads to devastating losses for both sides and significant civilian casualties due to destruction in residential areas. The artwork narrates a story titled “Breakthrough: Battle on the Outskirts. ” It follows Mira, a veteran sergeant in a mechanized infantry regiment, who was gravely injured during a desperate combat as his unit attempted to escape a besieged city. Despite its effectiveness, the action came at a high cost, with over 70% of his comrades perishing. Mira’s fortunes turned, as he eventually recovered from his injuries.

“The siege had endured for about two weeks. Supplies and fuel were exhausted, leaving us defenseless. Our only hope lay in a few partially functional AFVs [1], as enemy drones persisted and several MBTs were destroyed. The impact of a bullet against my IFV’s armor plate drove me to the edge, fearing it might be a cannon round heralding my demise. Somehow, we endured; it felt like a miracle. We pressed on, firing tracer rounds that illuminated enemy positions. Explosions surrounded us. Despite our breakthrough, losses were heavy. I mourned a crew member lost to an armor-piercing round, a brave comrade. His sacrifice likely saved us all.”


Cartoon character “Belli” created on 2019 by Adinda Putri. Acknowledged as a brand by Indonesian Ministry of Law and Human Rights on 30 October 2019. Belli is one soothing creature with notice able curly hair and reserved gesture.

The creation of this character started with support for animal rescue in mind. The first ones being merchandise project to help local animal shelters. And hopefully able to do more by creating stickers or comic in the future.

“DG Artwall Digital Collection wish to encourage artists to face AI art technology head on; as a once-in-a-life-time art challenge”


Christine Ruiz-Kerendi, born in 1965 in Tehran, Iran, moved to Switzerland in 1975 for studies and remained after the 1979 Revolution. In 1982, she relocated to New York, majoring in Psychology with a minor in Foreign Languages and Literature, graduating in 1988. Returning to Switzerland in 1989, she attended Glion’s prestigious Hotel Management and Tourism School, graduating as valedictorian in 1991.

In 1991, she met her husband and became a mother in 1998 and 2001. After working in Geneva’s hotel industry and tourism, Christine returned to Psychology, earning her second master’s degree in Neurolinguistics in 2004. She established a private practice in Geneva, still active today.

Becoming President of the Images and Society Foundation / Eye Watch in 2013, Christine decodes surrounding images to enhance understanding and choice making.

She collaborates with the financial revue Point de Mire, writes on psychology in finance, and serves as a Psychologist for the Geneva Government. In 2013, Christine met Antonio Natale, also known as the Artist of Banknotes, and began exclusively representing him globally. In 2014, she co-founded Antonio Natale Contemporary Artist, an ongoing venture. Collaborating with Wise.art in 2022, she expands into NFTs, representing new artists. With unyielding resilience, her motto is: “We are capable of anything; determination and resources are key. ” Christine resides in Geneva with her family, where her office is based.

Who’s Next : One Humanity

When a line crosses another, it changes color. Encounters between individuals lead to profound transformations, a central notion in the ‘Who’s Next?’ series. Just as when two people cross paths when two lines meet, one of them changes color, illustrating the repercussions and mutual influence of each encounter.

‘Who’s Next?’, guided by an algorithm, projects straight lines creating unpredictable intersections. These intersections, with their color changes, give rise to organic spots and structures. This piece generates a visual network of connections, highlighting the complexity and beauty of interactions.

Each composition, unique in its design, stems from the variability of parameters, reflecting the uniqueness of human relationships.