Save the Christmas Tree

Save the Christmas Tree

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The world’s 1st digital Christmas Tree! NB: The unique (longer) version of the actual piece will be provided upon purchase of this NFT. This Christmas Tree is created with love and positive vibrations, and decorated with a lot of details (planets, human irises, etc.), therefore, recommended to watch on big screen or project on the wall. We all love our Christmas tradition, but many of us also feel it's time to ask whether we can afford to voluntarily cut down so many hectares of healthy forest each year? 120 million trees are chopped every Christmas across the world, leading to large scale deforestation, even though a medium-sized Christmas tree recycles 18 kg of CO2. Viktoria offers a sustainable solution with her magical Christmas Tree projection on the wall, window, water, pool, etc. VIKTORIA KOVA is a Russian -Ukrainian ontological artist, researcher of human and environment capacities, initiator of LAND of GOOD project, based in Amsterdam since 1996. Striving for balance and harmony is the impetus behind Kova’s state of the artistic mind, her works and projects. Researching human and environment capacities, and the impact of five senses on the perception of reality, Kova ontologically creates her videos, installations and performances to experience a quantum leap to the 5D state of consciousness through the immediate activation of feel-good energy in alignment with the intuitive feminine principle. Born in Vladivostok (USSR), Viktoria Kova spent her early childhood in Germany. Back in Russia, after graduating from the Russian State Institute of Culture, she moved to Amsterdam from where she performed around the world with her successful DJ-vocalist live-act. Kova’s background, extensive traveling, and encounter many cultures triggered her interest in perception issues directly connected to the environment, and inspired her to become an ontological video artist and reality shaper. Pushing the boundaries between assumption, reality, and technology, Kova emerged in 2015 with her LAND of GOOD project, where she investigates the “better world” phenomena. Together with the interdisciplinary team of LAND of GOOD, based in Amsterdam, she seeks to ontologically confluence art, design, technology, science, and the natural world to increase positive vibrations of the viewer. LAND of GOOD is an ongoing ontological research on the possibility of creating the right circumstances for a prosperous, harmonious and sustainable society for everybody in our reality and beyond. Kova’s videos, installations and guided experiences formed around her research are presented to the viewers at the exhibitions and projects in the museums, galleries, and art fairs around the world. LAND of GOOD is presented to the viewers around the world through Kova’s multimedia works, installations and talks, formed around her video art. Her works are in private and corporate art collections in The Netherlands, Russia, USA, Lebanon, China, the United Arab Emirates and in ALBA Museum in Beirut, Lebanon.  

The world’s 1st digital Christmas Tree! NB: The unique (longer) version of the actual piece will be provided upon purchase of this NFT. This Christmas Tree is created with love and positive vibra READ MORE

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“Save a Tree – Keep the Tradition” is the slogan behind the creation of the world’s 1st digital Christmas Tree NFT. 4K video (3840 × 2160) & audio, 06:40min loop. 2022. Make it your own by customising each special Christmas ball with your own photo of the iris, or with the logo of your company/brand.

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