1 Message to the WISe.ART’s friends

Hello everyone!

Because we are inundated with various groups to follow online, Whatsapp and the many other options, social media, live chats, webinars, because we also feel a little lost in the meanders of AI which is rapidly becoming invasive; we decided to produce a bi-annual traditional newsletter containing everything we have done, everything we are looking to do and many other titbits we believe could be of interest to you. We hope you enjoy it. If you agree with the idea, we would also like to invite you to contribute by sending us your activities or future programme of events, images of your latest work for the following editions.

2 Past events


2.1 WISe.ART visits ARTBasel:

After two years of pandemic, Basel reopens its doors in September with a new management and digital ticketing. We connected with Nager & Draxler, Kenny Schachter and a few other like-minded people. It is all about growing the community.

Saskia Draxler kindly accepted to speak at our first webinar of the WISe.ART Series hosted by Geneva Business School:

The “walls” of the platform are filling up with amazing art. Early adopters are selling “phygital” packages – Nft twins to analogue art or Nft bonus deals with exquisite bottles of wine to enjoy the art even more:

The community is growing with increasingly creative enquiries including special drops for the entertainment and sports industries, digital ticketing variations, fashion historical projects with restitution incentives, travel incentives coupled with AI and sustainable CO2 compensation. The WISe.ART Team is constantly developing new features for the platform to accommodate the innovative thinkers, members of its community.

ARTBasel Miami again WISe.ART is present and how time flies! The entire city is bustling with NFTs and blockchain events. We’re busy growing the community and raising awareness. Following some exciting few days, Carlos Moreira flies to New York for NYC NFT and …

Wisekey is invited to Investor’s Day on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange on December 13th:


2.2 WISe.ART chats to Rod and Inci Jones on Thought Row:

We receive our first gaming enquiry – A world first! Ever thought of being an archaeologist like Raiders of the Lost Arch in the digital world? More to come…

Enquiries are now flooding in… We employ two new interns to give us a helping hand.

2.3 WISe.ART visits ArtGenève, the NFT savvy community gathers, and we meet Christie’s International, Georg Bak from the Cyber Valley in Zug, Switzerland. More webinars follow:

2.4 Brooke Shields and WISeKey open the Nasdaq Exchange session on March 3rd:
Her first NFT is launched from space in partnership with Fossa’s Pico satellites and WISeKey’s cyber security technology.

2.5 WISe.ART launches a campaign to raise funds for UNICEF and the Lost Children of Ukraine. Thank you to all the artists on the platform who donated 100% to the cause.

Chris Ebell and Laura Bernier of Digital Arcades invite WISe.ART to be a part of the only NFT pavilion (Cameroon) at the Venice Biennale! More to come…


2.6 WISe.ART is invited to speak on Dukaskopy TV – watch this space for the recording to be published soon.

2.7 WISe.ART and Porrima engage on a fantastic project to support solar and wind powered shipping – the goal is sailing around the world in 80 days. The challenge is big and Porrima required new state-of-the-art panels. WISe.ART drops 100 NFTs on the platform sold with or without the current panels which have powered the vessel for 100’000 nautical miles in extreme weather conditions and are still in perfect use for anyone who wishes to produce energy while making history.

2.8 The Metaverse is here!

The automotive industry is looking at us closely from Geneva to Korea. Can’t wait to see more.

WISe.ART demonstrates its first trip into the Metaverse at DAVOS WEEK 2022. Thanks to VR4Business, we were raised tremendous interest and our ideas keep coming. The next phase will be huge!

By the way, we also gave an iconic party at the end of the week which will be remembered for a long time. We hosted an awards ceremony, and the winners were:

  • Gunter Pauli, Director, ZERI and initiator of the blue economy concept
  • Hossein Rahnama, Founder and CEO, Flybits Inc. Associate Professor, Ryerson University. Visiting Professor, MIT Media Lab
  • Mayte Spinosa, Artist, Philanthropist, Founder Pro Arte and Cultura Group
  • Pedro Sandoval, NFT Worldwide renowned Artist
  • Maria Pia Aqueveque Jabbaz, Token Economy (Blockchain & DeepTech) & Fintech Corporate Advisor|Strategy
  • Juan Antonio March Pujol, President Fundacion Onuart
  • Wang Wei, China Metaverse , Founding Chairman of China Mergers and Acquisitions Association (CMAA)
  • Mark Okes-Voysey, CryptoART
  • Fernando Fitz-James, Vice President Fundacion Casa de Alba & Duke of Huéscar
  • Emilio Ramirez de MATOS, Lawyer – Doctor of Laws -Vice President of the Court of Arbitration of the Madrid Bar Association
  • Juan Carlos Sainz-Borgo, Professor and Dean at UPEACE Unuiversity for Peace, Costa Rica

WISe.ART networks and scouts for new artists at the Venice Biennale, ArtBasel, Brafa and TEFAF. Art logistics companies are curious about NFTs. Well of course, they are! Their clients are collectors and want to know more about governance. We will assist them in being pro-active.


The platform become multichain operational and the Creator Dashboard is open!

2.9 WISe.Art helps museums create iconic NFT of masterpieces:

Picasso – A beautiful story about a lost violin Paris gifted to Le Douanier Rousseau by Picasso himself

Invaluable historical documents including the correspondence between Christopher Columbus and his Queen Isabella as he discovers the Americas

Jiaozi – The first bank note created by the Chinese for Marco Polo as he travelled back to Italy with his wares opening trade on the Silk Road.

We welcome special projects like:

The Human Race by Indra Putra Productions (our first music NFT):

Semillas by Jaime Miranda Bambarén (currently on show in New York):

David Morales who drops his first dance NFT with a flamenco series:

Recently, WISe.ART raised USD 500’000 for Antonio Banderas’ Foundation which helps build schools in remote areas of Mexico. A charity auction was held for physical items and NFTs by Pedro Sandoval. The limited edition is still available until we’re out of stock:

3 WISe.Art Community


New artists

Evan Kareem
Amanda Weazy
Mike Nwogugu


New artists

Photographer Leila Fischer
Pedro Sandoval
Charlotte Qin
Diego Berro


New artists

Davide Pizzigoni
Dlela Lombard
Nazanine Ezdiary
Regis Looten


New artists

Benedict Hadley
Arnaud Laly
Taline Temizian

4 Future events


Cryptoverse Island – Sevilla, Spain

ArtBasel Miami

5 Final word

We are currently welcoming submissions and nominations for next year’s WISe.ART Awards which will be held during Davos Week in January 2023. An announcement will be made later this month.

Many artists and project managers are already in the pipeline for year and next year, so the future looks exciting. We hereby wish to thank you for your continued trust and support. Please spread the word about the W3 innovation and our willingness to engage with anyone who wishes to onboard the vessel.

We look forward to receiving your feedback and ideas, until next time continue to enjoy the platform browse, shop, and create!


Sixtine Crutchfield
Art Director,
Carlos Moreno
Vice President Corporate Alliances
& Partnerships