Benedict Hadley Verified User "Benedict Hadley Is A Prolific Polymath, Film Maker, Artist & Founder Of The Hadley Broadcasting Company. His work focuses on the Human - Creator - Creator -Human relationship and the manifestation of that relationship in the built & natural environments. He is passionate about using artistic, creative solutions, technology and global community storytelling to engage, heal and solve endemic problems in our society. Benedict's diverse work has been screened worldwide at the Cannes Film Festival, New York Fashion Week, BDNY and many others. His calling to engage our environment with and through art and films includes work with JAY Z, Francis Ford Coppola, BET, PBS, Hearthstone Alzheimer Care, Chef Aliya LeeKong, Essex County College, L'Oreal & The National Urban League. He is a 2021 Harvard Loeb Fellowship Nominee for design in the built and natural environment And most recently spoke with internet pioneer Jeff Pulver’s VON3 Summit where Benedict discussed Redefining Broadcasting for an equitable future through radical storytelling and technology."