Imma Merino Verified User "I have always had the need to connect with people, (humans) but I have to admit that I am not very good at it. I am like a freshwater fish in a salty sea. That's why my few friends usually call me "abstract" (I love this way to define me). People matter, you and your people matter to me. I care about your happiness and everything you need. I like to think I contribute to your happiness and the ones you love by creating some paintings and drawings that can take you to my perfect world, where you can rest and attain the utmost fullness. My hideaway, my art. I can't remember when I first started drawing and coloring, I just remember doing it. What I recall is that when I drew, when I painted, the world became silent. The noise disappeared. There was only me and my world. When I was painting the world was quiet, and it still hasn't changed today. Peace, relaxation, tranquillity, love, beauty, silence, an oasis created for you, that is the essence of my works. You dare?"

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