Dlela Lombard Verified User "Dlela Lombard is a german native, a photo and digital artist who works across a multitude of mediums. She works with acrylic,ink and color pens, GAN (Craiyon), Photoshop, collage, photography among other materials.Approaching the new medium with a scientific mind Lombard's process of digital transformation is unique while taking formless further into new forms exploring divinity within her work. This way skill as creativity still exists amidst the rise of AI.She can make the invisible visible which has its roots in black&white photographic development and awakening upon individuation. Moreover, Lombard explores themes of various states of consciousness and influenced by surrealism she began training the GAN on surrealist automatism blending chance operation with painting styles and aesthetics of masters into the piece. While creating often on a laptop while traveling she could transcend life circumstances (diaspora) and various obstacles. She exhibited with Henry Boxer Gallery in London under the global popular culture of Outsider Art and also created some book cover art focusing mainly on the collective unconscious, crime related themes.There is a thin line between the divine and crime and knowing it helps to see the world in a better light. ::::::::::::::: NOTE : PREVIEWING FILES OF AI PIECES ARE TEMPORARY :::::::::::::::"

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