Dlela Lombard Verified User ""Dlela Lombard is a self taught visionary photo-digital artist/painter and photoshop master (23 ys) ,a tao alchemist who works across a multitude of mediums, acrylic,ink and color pens, collage, photography among other materials exploring inner divinity.Through book cover art and focus on crime related themes she could begin photo editing while travelling most of the time with a camera and a labtop;because of the movement could keep herself in a creative flow to get deeper into the new medium; approaching the new medium with a scientific mind Lombard's digital transformation is taking formless photo pixel as if the invisible content further into new imaginative visible forms,digitally speaking being able to create out of nothing akin to a blank canvas about which she feels that color and form have their own soul. With a background in black & white analogue, the art of seeing in a dark room, the camera lens was like an extension of the spiritual eye and through still life photography at various film sets could gain expertise with camera men and film makers in Germany; in 2023 I could see through surrealist text automatism to ai picture generator how an experimental approach develops into numerous new transformations, digital paintings and design: own vision, style and space; '' any pieces without a licence can be printed or screened for personal non commercial use ."

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