Dlela Lombard Verified User "Dlela Lombard is an Offspring of the Universal Tree of Life. A traumatic childhood shadow caused by a postwar german family turned her into an alchemist transcending darkness and suffering into light and a new life; she is an Intuitive Visionary Artist,Tao Alchemist and Medium, exploring interconnections between creator/co-creator and creation (anima mundi) with a scientific mind.In this electromagnetic interactive net of being she developed her visual language 'ex nihilo' through ’10.000 hours’ accessing universal creative power which is potentially in everyone.In early years she was a still photographer on various film sets,an assistant to a fashion photographer in studio and darkroom as well as director of various own photo shoots for an advertisement agency for ski wear in Munich.Until suddenly upon individuation & mystical christ experience all career plans came to an end,recovering a connection to the inner artist and deeper purpose,ground of being and divinity,universe consciousness.She left Germany. After several years of travel she came to London where she joined an outsider art gallery for many years also exhibiting photo based art online she became more interested in drawing & painting also because digital work was not collected.Therefor collecting own photographic material as well as storytelling in one picture for some book cover art she began screen work as a self taught photo artist.Through non conformist photo editing without AI integration,handcrafting and pushing the limits, keeping imagination and creativity alive." 'Scientists create suddenly matter from nothing and I discovered digital creation 'ex nihilo' and financed it myself from nothing.I began in 2016 and continued until new forms took shape. "creation out of nothing" meaning it had to be created by some divine creative act :universe enjoys the play of form and one can be a medium for it."

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