Youns Artist Verified User "Using lenticular art and augmented reality, Yoni Lallouche fuses the real and the digital. The combination of these two techniques gives life to experimental, sensitive and cultured works. Yoni Lallouche's female figures are much more than just colorful portraits; he creates a genuine interaction between the work and the viewer, thanks to an active QR code associated with each painting. Art 3.0 rooted in reality "I'm a digital artist Strongly influenced by Street Art, from which he has retained a taste for color, Yoni Lallouche explored digital art early on by retouching the photos of his Pop Art works before turning to lenticular imagery in which he masters the entire process. Self-taught jack-of-all-trades, a former optician and carpenter, Lallouche reflects on the emergence of a new AI-driven world: "Today, QR codes are everywhere, on menus, show tickets, invitations.... Their ubiquity appealed to me and, through my art, I wanted to bring it to life." The idea? Open the doors to another dimension by scanning the QR codes and accessing a 3D vision of the work in weightlessness, as well as a video retracing a passage of the history of the personality represented when famous, or a generic video on the place of women in the world."