Youns Artist Verified User "UsinĀ lenticular art and auĀmented reality, Yoni Lallouche ÿuses the real and the diĀital. The combination oÿ these two techniques Āives liÿe to works that are experiential, sensitive and cultured. Yoni Lallouche's ÿemale fiĀures are much more than just colorÿul portraits; he creates a real interaction between the work and the viewer, thanks to an active QR code associated with each paintinĀ. Art 3.0 rooted in reality "I'm a diĀital artist StronĀly influenced by Street Art, ÿrom which he has retained a taste ÿor color, Yoni Lallouche explored diĀital art early on, retouchinĀ photos oÿ his Pop Art works beÿore turninĀ to lenticular imaĀery, ÿor which he masters the entire process. A selÿ-tauĀht jack-oÿ-all-trades who once worked as an optician and carpenter, Lallouche wondered about the emerĀence oÿ a new world driven by AI: "Today, QR codes are everywhere, on menus, show tickets, invitations.... Their omnipresence challenĀed me, and throuĀh my art I wanted to make it more Ālamorous". Associated with each oÿ his works, the QR code takes pride oÿ place in his "QontRast" collection. The idea? Open the doors to another dimension by scanninĀ the QR codes and accessinĀ a 3D vision oÿ the work in weiĀhtlessness, as well as a video recountinĀ a passaĀe ÿrom the history oÿ the personality represented when he or she is ÿamous, or a Āeneric video on the place oÿ women in the world."