Martin Saar Verified User "As a kid I was always fascinated by art and at the time thought of it as something very far and unreachable. I was puzzled by how artists captured people, nature, objects and turned them into masterpieces. I wished I could do the same but had no idea how to get there. At the age of 16 my dad gave me a set of oil paints and there was no going back. I started to explore and study the fascinating world of art. In 2002 after moving to New York I started doing commission mosaic portraits but in my heart I wanted to envolve as a painter. Step by step, by learning and practicing, I got my first solo show at the Gallery in Hamptons. I started exploring new mediums and testing different techniques such as graphic design, painting, photography and airbrush. I have found myself being especially fascinated and inspired by the beauty and variety of female bodies. After more than 30 shows in the past 10 years, I still feel that every new painting is better than the last. I am eager to keep learning, experimenting and pushing the limits to see how far I can take my passion. Born Tallinn, Estonia 1980"

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