WISekey and Porrima.CH Team
to Launch the First Ever Sustainable NFT Project
to Celebrate Earth Day 2022

WISeKey has teamed up with Porrima.CH, a Swiss based foundation committed to delivering the proof of operations of technologies that will change reality and transform society, for a first ever-sustainable NFT project using the Porrima.CH solar panels that were installed in 2010. Using limited resources effectively is the core philosophy underpinning the Porrima, a concept boat centered on environmental research, which aims to show how sustainable technology could revolutionize the shipping industry.

Each solar panel is encased in a special cover that protects the panels from sea water. There are 800 panels only – and these are the ones that set the world’s first tour around the world with solar energy only. WISeKey and Porrima.CH are seeking to share this incredible solar project with the growing number of sustainability enthusiasts on Web3 as a way to engage with new audiences around renewable energy, environment and tokenization technology.

The premier world tour took 2 years (2010-2012). The solar panels used to generate power were later complemented with  novel technologies in 2017, with hydrogen made from sea water, and by an intelligent kite catching wind placed 200 meters above the ship. These solar panels on Porrima – named after the Roman Goddess for the Future – are expected to  have navigated 100,000 nautical miles by July 2022, with each panel to continue to  operate with only a 25% loss in power generation capacity after circumnavigating the equivalent of 4x the perimeter of the world. Porrima is demonstrating that it is possible to produce more power than you ever need.

These panels have a unique history and emotional capital captured by an identifier serial number that now have a WISeKey authentication microchip with a correspondent NFT listed on WISe.ART Platform.

The first 100 panels are offered for NFT tokenization, which will  be announced on April 22, 2022 on Earth Day at 10:00 pm  local time in Tokyo (9:00 am in EST in New York). The ship left Osaka on December 18, 2021 and is currently in Dubai where it was part of the closing event of the EXPO 2020 and created the link with the Osaka Expo 2025 from where it will sail as a final destination. After visiting the Middle East, PORRIMA will sail around the Mediterranean crossing the Atlantic and the Pacific planet in 2023-2024. “In 2025, you will be able to meet the ship at Osaka World Expo,” said Gunter Pauli. And all the way – in each port – there will be a chance to learn firsthand from the technologies that are not taught at any university.

The ship is a case study in sustainability breakthroughs. Air bubble nets prevent overfishing by separating fish by weight and then releasing the reproductive females, which tend to be heavier due to their eggs. As well as being largely powered by solar panels, the vessel will soon be equipped with a unique filtering system that isolates and concentrates nanoplastics from seawater and converts them into hydrogen fuel. PORRIMA will also make it a standard to convert all excess power into hydrogen directly from sea water.

We want to make this trip and this story famous, in order to become a formidable vector of hope and knowledge! The boat is now entering a new phase of its life, and although it is once again about to undergo a facelift with cutting-edge innovations, we want it to carry the philosophy of the blue economy, synonymous of hope and wisdom. Indeed, cherishing life and looking to the future is also about learning, understanding and being responsible.

Buyers of each solar panel will get the original item certified plus the NFT as unique collector’s item celebrating this amazing sustainable project that bears the name of Porrima: a goddess with a vision of the future and protector of pregnant women in Roman mythology. The solar panel NFT drop will include an auction with a reserve, rare editions, and other pieces with a limited run and items will be priced according to their rarity. It will also be accompanied by a social media campaign to connect audiences with the auction.

The WISeKey NFT platform is secured by WISeKey’s various security technologies enabling the authentication of digital identity based NFTs, physical objects as well as digital assets, in a safe end-to-end process. The user is in full control of its WISeID NFT and other NFTs need to request access to its identity information so WISeID NFTs users can decide by themselves what level of information they wish to share, thus keeping full control. The WISeKey approach to the Metaverse has as objective to provide safe infrastructure identity services based on blockchain technologies for a wide range of users, including individuals, corporations and government institutions. As our digital lives become increasingly digitalized, Metaverse will leverage the advantages of the internet to establish a virtual world for its users. Businesses and communities will depend on users’ digital identities to manage assets. As interest in NFTs continues to accelerate, WISeKey is committed to promoting a more environmentally-friendly consumption and distribution model. Said Carlos Moreira, Founder and CEO of WISekey

PORRIMA is a Lausanne Switzerland based foundation committed to delivering the proof of operations of technologies that will change reality and transform society. The foundation is committed to regenerate ecosystems and put Nature back on its evolutionary path using the best of humanity – its creativity. The Foundation can count on the backing of the ZERI network (zero emissions research and initiatives) the visionary think tank created by Prof Gunter Pauli in 1994 in preparation for the Kyoto Protocol. Since Gunter Pauli had built the first ever zero emissions and zero waste factory in 1992 he wanted this to be the standard for the world. So Porrima is backed by science and needs more entrepreneurs. That is why it created the Blue Campus to build talent, and works with funders to strengthen innovation through entrepreneurship.