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XAPO BANK, Cryptoverse, and the WISe.ART
Exhibition Calendar for Gibraltar and Spain

Exciting News from Gibraltar!

We’ve just launched our incredibly cool Gibraltar exhibition cycle —a permanent exhibition space that promises a oneof-a-kind experience, blending digital and physical artworks in a mesmerizing medieval venue. Exclusively curated in collaboration with Cryptoverse, these monthly exhibitions will feature WISe.ART’s top artists whose works challenge perceptions and evoke deep emotions, inviting visitors and collectors to explore the dynamic intersection of art and technology.

Here’s a sneak peek at the upcoming lineup you won’t want to miss (dates are subject to change) :

April 25 – Cristina Harillo and more

May 23 – Andrés Gómez, Anna Amgrem, and more

June 27 – Pedro Sandoval with captivating digital and physical art

July 26 – David Morales with a live flamenco performance, alongside Ylan Anoufa’s digital and physical showcase

September 26 – Yoso with stunning digital and physical art

October 24 – Raoul Pictor with digital images printed on site

November 28 – Antonio Natale and more with captivating digital and physical art

Stay tuned for more details on our social media channels—there’s plenty more excitement in store!

Davos 2024 event

It’s with great pride that we mark our 19th consecutive participation at Davos, a tradition that began back in 2007 when WISeKey was nominated by the World Economic Forum as one of the pioneering Global Growth Companies. This year, our presence at Davos was as vibrant and insightful as ever, with a series of thought-provoking roundtable discussions shaping the discourse on key topics.

Here’s a glimpse into the engaging roundtables we had the privilege to host:

Decentralization & AI Unleashed: Ensuring safety and leveraging decentralization. LINK
Space Internet of Things (IoT) and Cybersecurity: Exploring the final frontier: security in the space IoT era. LINK
Digital Art Platforms and Tokenization of Art in the Digital Age: Navigating tokenization and platforms. LINK

But Davos wouldn’t be complete without celebrating the transformative power of art! Continuing our tradition, we came together to honor excellence in the digital art sphere with the NFT Excellence Awards 2024. A heartfelt congratulations to all the winners once again!

Ylan Anoufa * D4CG * Dlela Lombard * Takuo Matsuzawa * Phillipp Emmanuel Pauli * Raoul Pictor * Adinda Putra * Pedro Sandoval * Who’s Next * YouNs *

If you’re one of our esteemed winners and haven’t received your award yet, please provide your postal address to You can find more information about the award winners HERE.

Artist Index

Curious about the artists in our vibrant international community? Look no further! Explore our catalog featuring all the WISe.ART artists who chose our platform for their work. From visionary painters to cutting-edge digital creators, our platform is home to a rich tapestry of artistic expression. Dive in and discover the incredible talents shaping the future of art. Check out our artists’ catalog HERE!

Dive into a Digital Renaissance

Join us, along with The Hashgraph Association and GMArtification, on an extraordinary journey. Indeed we plan to digitize over $500 million worth of Italian Renaissance Art! Prepare to be enchanted by the timeless works of Caravaggio, Tiziano, Rembrandt, and more as we breathe new life into these iconic masterpieces with stunning digital detail. In the future, you will be able to acquire Renaissance Coins giving you an array of benefits and access to some of the most beautiful and renowned works of art. Follow us for more information.

Join WISe.Art artist family and unlock Exclusive Benefits

At WISe.Art, we’re passionate about supporting the artistic community and empowering creators worldwide. That’s why we’ve partnered with.ART offers incredible bonuses for aspiring artists, galleries, museums, and more.

WISe.ART’s matching ENS and DNS domains, users can enjoy the best of both worlds: a single name that works across both Web2 and Web3 platforms. This means that when you own as a DNS domain, you can also register as an ENS domain pointing to any digital asset on the Ethereum blockchain, just like a . ETH domain. The same name can also be used as a web address in any web browser pointing to a website and also as an email address, something a . ETH domain cannot do. ‘
The promo code WISEART has been created especially for you.

GET.ART: Free website builder on

Read more about it here. WISe.ART will soon be invited to speak on one of the. Art Talk shows so stay tuned on our social media pages for further information and updates.

Let’s celebrate together!

As we continue to grow, we are thrilled to mark some remarkable milestones within out WISe.Art family:

Mayte Spinola: Join us in commemorating Mayte Spinola’s 80th anniversary with the Special 10th Edition of the Mayte Spínola Gold Medals 2024. This prestigious event will take place at the iconic Nasdaq building in New York, shining a spotlight on global artistic and cultural excellence. Check out the awards ceremony here: Mayte Spínola Gold Medals Awards 2024

Reka Nyari

Edited a new book for the occasion of a solo show in New York. Well done Reka!

Martin Saar

Experience the captivating journey of Martin Saar’s artistic evolution in the “Level Up” exhibition—a tribute to the giants who have shaped the world of art with their creativity, contribution, and diversity. Level Up Exhibition Video

David Morales

Inspired to get back to the drawing board, Morales delivers yet another critically acclaimed flamenco musical at New York Town Hall last November. This time inspired by Simon Bolivar’s passionate love affair with Manuela Saenz. “BOLÍVAR INVICTUS / Amor en Libertad” was born. To date, the musical has been performed on stages throughout Spain and Latin America to thousands of dance and music enthusiasts. Nestor Lacoren of Latin Culture Productions wrote, “BOLÍVAR INVICTUS / Amor en Libertad is a HAMILTON in the key of Flamenco and Caribbean Rhythms.

Pedro Sandoval

Crosses frontiers with a new renaissance inspired collection presented in Rome and Florence.

UN Donation

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Human Rights Charter ONUART invited two of our local artists to donate a piece of art generated by computer and assisted with AI to the United Nations own art Collection. Who’s next and One Humanity are the first digital art pieces of the iconic collection

Raoul Pictor

The virtual artist picks up his easel again after 30 years as museums and art fairs invite him to “mint” rather than “print” his iconic computer generated art pieces. The Argau Kunstmuseum, Switzerland’s most avant-garde contemporary art museum publishes an essay about him in their most recent book. After Paris, you will see him in Basel, Geneva and Dubai. We will keep you posted in the meantime, find his vintage works on.