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WISe.Art Excellence Awards

We celebrated the artists selected by the WISe.ART social media community at the 2023 WISe.ART NFT Awards, where art and innovation merged in Davos.

This year’s spotlight illuminated trends, Web3, AI, and the dynamic NFT marketplaces. Our global community voiced their choices, and winners emerged across categories including People’s Choice, Philanthropy, Digital and Physical Art, Photography, Audio, and Video. Witnessing their sheer brilliance, we saw the winners’ creations shine on the Nasdaq Tower in Times Square illuminating the night along side Broadway shows. The harmonious convergence of art, tech, and creativity was a sight to behold. Embrace the future with us as we plan to hold this remarkable event annually. We look forward to celebrating excellence, embracing innovation, and honoring the creative spirit together.

Cryptoverse events

STEP into the future of art with Cryptoverse Island. Cryptoverse Island is one of the first European media art exhibitions focused on digital art featuring international artists who practice computer art inspired by traditional and futuristic techniques.

Yet, the event is more than an exhibition. It’s a day dedicated to forging connections and fostering collaboration. Think of it as a gathering of like-minded experts and aficionados – companies, investors, collectors, and artists uniting to explore new ideas and potential partnerships.

AS we reflect on the success of the Cryptoverse Island NFT Exhibitions, we invite artists and physical museums to seize the opportunity. WISe.ART is eager to support and organize more of these remarkable events, bridging the gap between digital and physical art in the ever- evolving landscape of creativity and technology.

Valentines day phygital jewelry

Luxury and creativity collide as celebrity designer Bjorn Van den Berg teams up with media artist Ivo De Kok to step into the world of NFTs on the WISe.ART platform. Their debut features the elegant “Royal Greens” collection and the futuristic “Night Rider” line – a perfect Valentine’s Day treat. Pushing artistic boundaries, Van den Berg’s “Royal Greens” draws inspiration from bygone Hollywood’s art deco glam. The jewelry, handcrafted in Europe, blends pure platinum, crystals, and emerald green accents. “Night Rider,” Van den Berg’s couture collection, is a journey into surreal futurism. Futuristic elements, luxurious materials, and electronic flair merge to create wearable art that’s truly collectible.

Van den Berg’s wearable art has adorned celebs like Gwen Stefani and Nicki Minaj. Why not you?

AI and

ALWAYS keeping at the forefront of yet uncharted territories, WISe.ART explores the fusion of art and AI. Imagine a canvas where AI-generated art sparks new dimensions of creativity, pushing the boundaries of what we’ve known as traditional art. This synergy is a welcomed game-changer, enabling artists to craft the unimaginable and explore boundless realms of their creativity, thanks to the limitless possibilities AI offers. The realm of NFT art has witnessed a meteoric rise, with reporting over 299% growth in 2020, surpassing $250 million in sales. This trend isn’t slowing down, it is redefining itself as the fusion of digital art and blockchain technology captures the imagination of artists and collectors alike. NFTs and blockchains continue to provide a direct monetization avenue. At WISe.ART, we’re not just pioneering AI-generated art; we’re sowing the seeds for a new purpose. Proceeds from our platform’s sales go to OISTE, an NGO dedicated to protecting human intervention with dedicated cybersecurity. Collectors and Artists also have the chance to contribute, aligning their creations with a cause through smart contracts meticulously defining terms and royalties.

NFT IG Scams

CRIME  ALERT: We have recently noticed that several community members were

approached by Instagram users to offer to buy their works for ETH 5 or ETH 8. This is undoubtedly very exciting and after several exchanges publicly and/or privately, the artists will inevitably be asked to upload their works on OpenSea. Some of the WISe.ART creators contacted us to ask if that was in breach of their agreement with us which of course it is. However, to test the process we decided to go with it and this is what happened:

1. The artist uploaded the selected images on OpenSea.

2. The Buyer sent a screenshot of a wallet showing the payment had been made

3. Next, a message was sent by the so-called buyer asking to transfer USD 500 or more to another wallet.

4. In effect, NO TRANSACTION had taken place on OpenSea and the so-called buyer simply pocketed the USD 500 before disappearing.

Some scammers are very easily recognisable as the English is often basic and others do not know the first thing about art. Only this week, @lorena_ferreira089 from IG offered me USD 10’000.- for a USD 2’000’000.- Picasso oil on board 1964 Portrait of a Musketeer which I posted on my IG profile over two years ago. When I told her that the PICASSO wasn’t for sale and its market value, she responded that my price was ok for her! Of course, her account is private.

These heinous criminal acts happen all the time, this is why you cannot be too careful. If in doubt, ask the potential buyer for an email and zoom conference call. That will usually shew them off. If we receive any news about a lead, we will inform you personally. That is only one of the many valuable differentiators of WISe.ART.

Tattoo Art and NFTs

Ever thought of immortalizing your tattoos on the blockchain or selling your DNA tokens?

Cristian Coseran has. Using a technique of his own, he transfers his art from your skin to a special cloth before digitizing the image and giving you the opportunity to mint an NFT on one of the three blockchains selected by WISe.ART. Imagine owning a tattoo of Jim Morrison disappearing in the distance on his legendary motorbike? Click now on:

Cristian is working closely with a curator, Selena Vitaliti who trusted WISe.ART to promote her artists. WISe.ART welcomes artists’ agents, museum curators and foundation directors to contact us. Our services include guidance for digitisation of tangible assets and tokenization of those assets onto the blockchain opening a myriad of opportunities to attract more visitors and clients for creating new sources of revenue, fundraising, optimizing collection management and traceability of the items

Hiroko Fujioka came first in front of Louis Vuitton!

AT least we like to think so. Madam Hiroko Fujioka

is a pure product of Japanese art ‘n’ crafts tradition. She has improved on medieval Italian leather painting techniques and developed new methods adapted to 21st Century travel. Her cabin suitcases are unique, hand painted and incredibly fashionable. You can now buy one and have a certificate minted on the blockchain which means you are the only person in the world to own this suitcase.

We are proud at WISe.ART to work with curator Kathy Shiraishi who not only introduced Fujioka to us but also another Japanese master of Kintsugi and Urushi techniques, Mr Katsuo Mazusawa


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Get started today! Simply log in to using your WISe.ART credentials and begin your journey to heightened artistic recognition.

Interview with
Dlela Lombard

Can you share a bit about your artistic journey? What inspired you to embark on this creative path?

I was interested in the unconscious and it revealed itself while doing the work.I knew already in my thirties how to unlock new energies through ending the past which was at this time not very buddhistic.I had to destroy my old art to renew myself. I draw my inspiration from my energetic relationship with nature which is the anima mundi also known as the animator of life.I was already aware of this in my early years; upon awakening a transformation occurred and I was drawn to creation and its energy field.Out of this rebirth I was evolving all new again.

Among your own creations, do you have a piece that holds a special place in your heart? Could you tell us the story behind it?

While I have thousands of pieces there is no specific favorite piece.The story behind all pieces is nearly the same: transformation; may it be personal or related to the medium rather than related to a product.

In a world saturated with images and visual content, what message or emotions do you hope your art conveys to your audience? How do you aim to make your work stand out and resonate?

I wanted to show that photo editing can be more than just following tutorial dogma for the art of manipulation;it was an opportunity to develop my own visual language for which I had to spend time more isolated.Photo editing and a photographic background without ai was a challenging process because it build up the intuitive fast seeing capacity and could enjoy a creative flow through the eye hand (mouse) connection which is known as flow.The typical electronic became suddenly visually appealing or resonating which shows in the creation of new forms out of formless photo pixel content, demonstrating also pixel behavior through animation which is fast movement.Some say that You Canʼt Spell Creative Without A.I. which is not true.

Looking ahead, how do you envision your art evolving and resonating with audiences in the coming years?

Art will always evolve somehow if I keep my mind fresh and scientific.Digitally speaking I can imagine working more with text to ai picture generator as I could quickly find my visual language as hybrids between photography and painting into new creations which I see as intuitive knowledge; own intelligence in combination with AI,the speedy gonzales. It will evolve.Thinking less about the creative process is an invitation to just enjoy the works at maybe a larger scale than just a computer screen thanks to the ai innovation; it also may demonstrate that words are just pointers.

Interview with
Taline Temizian

Can you share a bit about your artistic journey? What inspired you to embark on this creative path?

I would just call it a journey. A constant process of thinking and reconstructing the meaning of life, and the quest to find and make sense of reality- Only by questioning it.

Among your own creations, do you have a piece that holds a special place in your heart? Could you tell us the story behind it?

Yes ,in each category of medium I created there are some works that I feel closer to than others. It is hard to say a particular “One”.., But if I have to choose out of hundreds of works I made I will choose a small work – Oil on canvas paper- A Cardiac BACK IN 2012, Titled “FRAGILE CARDIAC” . In the larger and more complex works it certainly is FAUST & in the category of film it is Pavilions Of Memory – The interactive installation. In film, it is “Seat Reserved For Void”.

In a world saturated with images and visual content, what message or emotions do you hope your art conveys to your audience? How do you aim to make your work stand out and resonate?

The message is LOVE. The objective is to contribute to the awakening of humanity.

I don’t aim for the work to stand out, I only transmit what the universe asks me to, the message will be sent to those on the same vibrational level.

Looking ahead, how do you envision your art evolving and resonating with audiences in the coming years?

I envision my art evolving mostly through science and video / new media . Data is the new medium. The audience is a co-creator of any “work of art” if you may.

The importance is to be in one energy field with the audience. This oneness ends the separating mode of the old way of thinking about art. The audience is the creator of their own experience through contributing with their presence, emotion, and the internal work I would ask them to do. The artist, on another hand is who is facilitating this but also being helped by the audience to create a collective experience and help reach to a new level of conscience and ability to research and contribute in a better future for the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of all inhabitants of the planet.

Photographed by David Bailey 2013 London. All Rights Reserved



  • ONUART and WISeKEY’s OISTE and WISe.ART share the stage at the United Nations on the 4th Revolution AI and Human Rights. Call for artists who wish to participate is open!
  • XAPO BANK opens their permanent gallery with a first NFT Exhibition with WISe.ART and CRYPTOVERSE in Gibraltar.
  • Madrid Music School celebrates the 50th anniversary of Picasso death with a WISe.ART’s Pedro Sandoval


  • Cryptoverse – Madrid selects WISe.ART artists for their next exhibition
  • David Morales, the first Flamenco dancer to tokenize his art on the blockchain, is invited to perform at the New York City Town Hall. He has challenged you to dance with him… Follow us on social media for more information.
  • Benedict Hadley launches his latest Film Production: Supreme Messages


  • WISe.ART’s V3, slated for completion by Q1 2024, represents the forthcoming developmental phase for our NFT platform, promising a host of new functionalities and significant enhancements.


  • We’re back in Davos for WEF Week