Each eTree NFT plants one real tree & sequesters carbon to regenerate a real farm.  Trees are tagged and digital signed with WISeKey Semiconductors and monitor via WISeSat.Space low orbit satellites

Connecting Trees , NFTs
and Crypto

A unique opportunity for making new
markets asset based sequestering CO2 and totally sustainable

About WISeKey

The vertical digital security specialist

Over two decades of experience developing vertical digital security solutions including secure chips, secure software, trusted services and knowledge automation to protect users, devices, data and transactions in the connected world.

A Unique Vertical Model

WISeKey has built the world’s first integrated Cybersecurity Trust Platform that uses the combination of Secure Chips, IA and Trust Services to enable, manage and automate secure transactions between people, applications or objects

WISeSat node

Data Measurements :

  • – Temperature
  • – Humidity
  • – pH
  • – Salinity
  • – Light
  • – Carbon Level on Earth
  • – Localized Spectrography


  • – Irrigation OptimizationNutrient OptimizationTerrain Optimization Crop Predictions


  • – Greater Productivity and Performance
  • – Global Understanding
  • – Prediction and Correction

eTreeNFT.Com  is a project by WISeKey, a leading cybersecurity and blockchain company operating one of the largest decentralized NFT Marketplace ecosystem allowing to tarsact on  NFTs in order to perform carbon emission compensation, which creates NFTs linked to real trees and allow their certification and monitoring from space using WISeSats

As soon as a tree is planted, the owner of the eTreeNFT.Com received an NFT with a price tag equivalent to the amount of CO2 sequestered by the tree and visible on the eTreeNFT platform. The eTree NFTs can be sold on the platform or used as a carbon compensation.

Smart Farming: Livestock Monitoring

Critics have questioned the value of NFTs for environmental causes because tokens using blockchain technology require intense computing power, driving up demand for electricity generation that releases climate-warming greenhouse gases.

WISeKey dismissed that view, saying preservation of threatened areas far outweighs the environmental cost of NFT transactions.

Based on estimates, these restored ecosystems could capture up to 200 billion tons of carbon, accounting for over one-sixth of human carbon emissions.

That is why tree planting at a global scale can play an important role in tackling climate change. Forests are critical to the health of our planet: they sequester carbon, they regulate temperatures, they recharge groundwater, they prevent soil erosion and they conserve biodiversity.

We have already lost nearly half of the trees that used to exist on Earth before humans started taking them down to build settlements and grow food. Even though there is no way to bring back all those trees, we know now that at least 1 trillion can be restored

Fully Integrated Ecosystem Based on Satellite IoT Connectivity

Global & Real Time Coverage

Multiple Satellite Constellation in Low Earth Orbit


Standardized and miniaturized in-house developed pico-satellites based on COTS, reducing deployment costs

Low Power

LPWAN technologies to assure critical data transmission to end user and highly energy efficient terrestrial devices

Ease of use & Integration

Backwards compatibility with current terrestrial deployments of IoT devices

The Problem

Costly Connectivity Gap for a growing number of Industrial connected devices


Terrestrial Connectivity Gap


IoT Connected Devices (2030)


Inefficient & Complex Current Solutions


Secure mutual authentication and encryption trusted data exchange between IoT devices and the cloud

WISeSat is the first cost effective and secure IoT connectivity solution anywhere on Earth using picosatellites and low-power sensors. Its aim is to answer the needs of any large IoT deployment in Smart


Securing IoT ecosystems :

  • – Energy
  • – Logistics
  • – Smart Farming
  • – Smart Agro
  • – …

The Need for Backing Crypto

Secure mutual authentication and encryption trusted data exchange between IoT devices and the cloud

WISeSat is the first cost effective and secure IoT connectivity solution anywhere on Earth using picosatellites and low-power sensors. Its aim is to answer the needs of any large IoT deployment in Smart

Bringing normal currencies to the crypto market (like digital Euro or Dollar), will not solve the problem of having no underlying assets in the market.

This is why the race to create stable coins is taking on more and more speed.

Central-Banks are afraid of a competing system and are threatening to lay down regulation making sable coin creation and maintenance nexr to impossible.

Backing digital assets with actual real assets (e.g. gold, silver,…) will solve this problem.

Regulation is easier on classic asset backing because the token traded is simply a digital twin of the actual asset (gold bar, silver coin, …).

Before backing other digital transactions the primary purpose of digital twins of precious materials is to replicate the option market in the distributed finance world.

Stable coins are taken over by central banking, thus backing crypto transactions is only possible via digital twins of real precious materials

Companies offering such crypto tokens need to be trusted companies with the ability to safely store, transact and in case deliver the underlying materials globally. This makes the market hard to enter for FinTechs, because it is not just a question of financing, but also a question of expiernece, logistics and trust.

How WISeKey Can Help

WISeKey Is Uniquely Positioned to Help

WISeKey is uniquely positioned to help you

  • – There is no other company in the world, that can provide the same level of experience, trust and security simply because there is no listed company with its own trust system and crypto experience out there.
  • – WISeKey is a partner to established players in the market and will never be a competition to you.

Challenges of NFTs

A new opportunity also creates many challenges and risks for the market and brands entering the market

Anyone can put anything into an NFT

Once on the block-chain, provenance and authenticity cannot be added later

The model of anonymity on the block-chain attracts fraudsters and other criminals

Generally block-chain technology is not greed

Problem Statement

  • – How can we mint NFTs that are connected to a unique physical object
  • – How can we make buyers and seller anonymous to each other, but prevent criminal activity
  • – How can we use provenance and other well established security models for NFTs?