Tina Buchholtz Verified User "Painting has always been part of my life and whilst my background lies in figurative painting, the more I worked, the more I was fascinated with the subject of colour in its own right. Gradually, the landscapes dissolved, in favour of landscape-inspired colour fields and clouds. So I can honestly say that abstraction discovered me, rather than the other way around, perhaps as a logical conclusion of my own development and maturity. Having my own artistic ‘signature’ and unique style are non-negotiable for me - I developed my own techniques almost from the beginning as I began to experiment with my spatula tool. Some of my works explore political developments (eg, Exodus, Ground Offensive), or emotions and memories, so a spectrum between relative objectivity and personal subjectivity. For me uniqueness, my own personal signature, is crucial, as is authenticity. I am also very excited about the interaction between a work and ist viewer. A painting can trigger so many associations, link to music, personal memories and so much more. This is what I experience in conversations with viewers, collectors and mere onlookers."

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