HILARIO RANERA GARCÍA-CONDE Verified User "I am a self-taught, multidisciplinary artist (painting, digital photography, sculpture, graphic work...). Understanding ART as an evolution, I explore creativity as a pillar in the development of the concepts that my works propose, expressing emotions, ideas, perspectives in a unique and captivating way. During my artistic journey, I experimented with different forms, techniques and mediums to create works that spark the imagination and spark a connection with the viewer. My goal is to disseminate images on the internet, publishing on social networks, creating a more universal language. Through social media and the magic of the internet, I find a powerful means to share my works with people around the world. I firmly believe that ART has the power to connect us on a deeper level, to overcome differences and to unite us through beauty and expression. My online posts are not just images, they are windows to my inner world, my emotions and my perspectives, with the hope that each image can resonate in the hearts and minds of those who see them. On this journey towards creating a more universal language, how ART can be a bridge between different cultures and experiences. I believe in a more connected world through creativity. My works reflect the perception of reality according to the mood and how my inspiration arises from nature. Through my work, I seek to capture the essence of how we see the world through the prism of our moods. My walks in the countryside and on the beach have been inexhaustible sources of inspiration. During these experiences, he observed how the colors of things can transform, creating a completely different reality than what our eyes perceive in a moment of intense emotions. It is as if the outside world merges with our internal feelings, giving rise to a new interpretation of reality. My works are an attempt to capture that ephemeral moment in which the world becomes magical, where colors and shapes become a reflection of our deepest feelings. During these moments of connection with nature, I have learned to observe how colors can transform our perception of reality. In those moments, I see how the tones change and how the figures are formed when the light reflected in the water hits, creating a completely different reality than what our eyes see under normal conditions. "

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