Dlela Lombard Verified User "Dlela Lombard is a german visionary photo and digital artist/painter who works across a multitude of mediums, acrylic,ink and color pens, Photoshop (22 years without AI), collage, photography among other materials. Approaching the new medium with a scientific mind Lombard's process of digital transformation is taking formless photo pixel content further into new forms exploring divinity within her work: digitally speaking being able to create out of nothing akin to a blank canvas about which she feels that color and form have their own soul. Making the invisible visible has its roots also in black & white photographic development especially as the art of seeing in a dark room.It was only through photography that making unconscious conscious became an evolving transformation process in my early years.The camera lens was like an extension of the spiritual eye. Moreover, in 2023 influenced by surrealism which is chance operation, text-to-image is an extension of previous digital transformation into new forms. I learned through how to transmute and explored ways to change the narrative from a place of trauma to a place of strength and resilience just like a tao alchemist mastering the art of life. "

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