Leo Ferrioli Verified User "Leo Ferrioli 60 years of activity. Born in Verona, self made artist who knows how to combine instinct and intellect. Virtually all techniques used, (watercolourist since the beginning) then, oil, acrylic, murals, porcelain, photography, ceramics, glass painting on silk, raku, plate engraving, linoleum, bas-relief, scagliola, mixed technique. He has participated in many Cultural Art events around the world. In the 60s he showcased his first paintings in Italy -Verona, Venezia, Milan, Salerno, Assisi, Varrese, San Remo, Roma, Bologna, Padova, Mantova, Brescia, Palermo, Cremona, Piacenza, Montecatini, Torino and many more cities. In 1967/68 he exhibited in Paris and then he started his European tour in Berlin, Barcellona, Madrid and Provence. He then showcased in New York at the Javis Centre and at the Architectural Digest in 2003 and for one year he was the permanent artist at the Gallery Venice to Paris in New York. He also participated in various other events in the United States. Always mindful towards the environment and the effect of pollution, he started using recycled materials especially used materials, commonly used or waste. In 2006 he was awarded the Environment Award, and Lifetime Achievement Award in 2008. Also designer and creator of: jewelry, costume jewelry, knitwear, scarves, clothing, leather goods and fashion accessories. Designs and draws, furniture, armchairs, tables, glass sculptures, decorative panels and lamps. Countless critics have written and reviewed him, such as: Paolo Levi, Ugo Brusaporco, Monica Faggiotto, Ernesto D 'Orsi, Alberto Migliorero, Giancarlo Alu Sandro Serradifalco, Adalberto Scemma, R Vergani, Sandra Mirto, Jacopo Lauri, and many others"

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