Ambrosio López Verified User "Yoso is a multidisciplinary artist focused on digital creation, photography and sculpture after developing his skills in architecture and design. He was born in Vitoria, Spain, and based in Madrid, where he graduated from the Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura, and where he lives and works. His works are often inspired by dreams and fleeting visions, giving them an enigmatic and sometimes surreal, thought-provoking character. He conceives art as an instrument of analysis of the human being, an attempt to approach the concept of identity and the uniqueness of the individual from new perspective. He has been selected as a finalist for the Arte Laguna Prize 23.24 Venice, Italy, has received the Honorable Mention at the VI Biennial of Valencia 23, certificate of artistic excelence by the Luxembourg Art Prize 2023, and he is the winner of the XXVII Jaume Graells Digital Art Award 23. He has participated in art fairs such as Art Madrid´24 at the Cibeles Palace, the XIX International Exhibition Mundo Arti and the 45th International Contemporary Art Exhibition at the Montesquiu Castle, Barcelona. His work has been exhibited in Spanish art galleries and projected in the NASDAQ Tower, in Times Square, NYC, by Wise Art and the Spanish Consulate in New York celebrating the `Most Outstanding Spanish Artists'. "

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