Isabelle WACHSMUTH Verified User "French origin, she settled in Switzerland where she began to paint following the death of her husband. His works are inspired by the spiritual journey he has taken to face this terrible loss and succeed in transforming this deep sorrow into joy and heightened consciousness. The dynamic of Isabelle Wachsmuth’s creation is at the heart of the life process. To me, painting is to transcribe the perpetual flow of life, of unity and of the interdependence of the energies between them. This leads to a harmony permitted by the symphony of the colors that radiate their energies. A Californian friend, facing my paintings, shared this quote from Sheng Yen to transcribe the process of transmutation of the shadow: «Follow four principles: face it, accept it, master it...and then coward take.» Creation is, for me, a vibratory process in which one actually touches this release grip, this abandonment of all the limits lived as imposed. It offers a fresh look at life. It is a look beyond the material aspect of things and how our perception could constantly influence our reality… In this perspective, life then becomes fascinating and takes on a deeper meaning, a meaning that does not stop at the surface of things. Are our creations a reflection of our interiority? Would our creations carry vibratory messages, images of our inner sky?""