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Today, NFT marketplaces play a fundamental role in connecting buyers and sellers.

As the world continues to digitally evolve, artists, creators, and collectors are looking for new ways to connect and create for their audiences, and NFTs provide a new outlet for them with several benefits.

WISe.Art is a fully-fledged marketplace and has the ability to include curators and multipliers, white-labeling options, and special NFT designs. The NFT design of the WISe.Art platform ensures that besides an authenticated and signed version of the actual digital asset, it creates an irreversible link to the physical object, provides proof of ownership, provenance, and a set of contracts describing future use and monetization streams.

The NFT platform is secured by WISeKey’s various security technologies enabling the authentication of physical objects as well as digital assets, in a safe end-to-end process based on our experience in this domain.

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