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Buy and sell the most sought-after physical artworks and luxury goods on a climate-positive NFT marketplace.

Fine art meets
eco-friendly nfts
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Next-gen NFT Marketplace

Verifiable Ownership & Authenticity

WISeKey’s patented technology empowers creators, artists and collectors by securing, authenticating, and proving ownership of digital and tangible assets.

Decentralized Marketplace

Buy, trade and earn royalties from every future sale on our peer-to-peer NFT marketplace for exclusive physical art.


Worried about global warming? Our NFT marketplace is highly energy-efficient and powered by renewable energy courtesy of Menthol Protocol.

Our Partners

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Upcoming Auctions

Wise.Art's Inaugural NFT drop

Wise.Art’s inaugural NFT drop will be the first of an ultra-exclusive curated collection of both physical and digital art from the world’s top artists, collectors, and brands.

Join our exclusive drop list

Discover, buy and sell the most exclusive digital artworks and luxury goods in an eco-friendly way.

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