Adrien Sabbah Verified User "Adrien Sabbah, born in Geneva on 30 November 2002, has been passionate about art since his youngest days. The colours, shapes and textures of the works of great masters such as Picasso, Chagall, Matisse, Erni and Rouault have strongly influenced his creativity. When he finished college in 2023, he was fortunate enough to hold his first exhibition in early July of that year. Through this experience, he fully realised how important creation, colour and imagination were to those who observed his artwork. For some time now, Adrien Sabbah has been seeking, through his artwork, to awaken the child's soul, searching for that flame that burns in a child's heart, hoping to rediscover a lost paradise, a wonderful world. Through his various techniques, he aspires to discover new universes. The Pop-up is an object that awakens one's curiosity. What is interesting about this medium is its playfulness. It can be touched, opened and played with. The idea of a Pop-up lends itself well to a charity event dedicated to children. The work is colourful, joyous, carefree and perhaps even childlike. It is something that a child, or even an adult reminiscing about their childhood, would like to have. The Pop-up is a world that stands before the viewer, inviting them to visit."

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